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Samsung TV Codes for Comcast Remote & Programming Guide



Samsung TVs are particularly popular in the technological entertainment relay market for their excellent picture quality and user-friendly features. Generally, users who are fond of elegant and durable equipment for home entertainment prefer Samsung TVs and its different models or variants.

Samsung markets its multi-featured LCD, LED, and Smart TVs with dedicated remotes. However, in many cases, due to excessive or incorrect use, the workability of the remote that comes with the Samsung TV set is reduced or completely stopped.

In this case, a user can find the Comcast remote as a suitable replacement for any Samsung TV operating system. The Comcast remote is flexible in terms of operation by easily pairing it with your Samsung TV.


This requires you to pair the Comcast remote with your Samsung TV by following the specific programming code and proper programming method. Through this article, you can learn about Samsung TV Code List and Programming Process for Comcast Remote.

How to get Lg Remote Code

Note: Comcast remotes can work very efficiently in the absence of a setup remote for operating Samsung TVs. Read the next part of the article to learn more about Comcast remote codes and programming methods


Complete List of Comcast Code for Samsung TV

Reliable programming of Comcast remotes with Samsung TVs is made simple with a manual code entry method. In this case you need only suitable programming code. In this part of the article, you can find the four and five digit codes according to the model and type of your Samsung TV.

Program Spectrum Remote to Samsung TV

Remote TypeCodes (Most Common First)
XR2, XR5, XR11, XR15 (Latest)12051, 10178, 10812, 13382, 10702, 10060
Digital Adapter10702, 11632, 10178 10060, 10812,
Silver w/ Gray OK M10670702, 0060, 0090 0030, 0178, 0056,
Silver w/ Red OK MUG106710060, 10766 10702, 10812, 10178,
Spectrum & Tracer
M4167 & 4167 
10060, 10702, 10030 12051, 10178,

5 Digit Code for Samsung TV Xfinity Remote

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Samsung TV Programing Process for Comcast Remote

Step 1. Choose the specific programming code for programming your Comcast remote with your Samsung TV.

[Tip: You can find the programming codes in your Comcast remote’s user manual or in the Samsung TV code List for Comcast Remote section of this article.]

Step 2. Turn on your Samsung television.

[Tip: Make sure your Samsung TV’s sensor is not blocked by any object.]


With 3. Press the specific device button on your Comcast remote.

[Tip: In this case you need to press the device button labelled as ‘TV’.]

Step 4. Now simultaneously press and hold the SETUP button on your Comcast remote. [Tip: You need to hold down button two for at least 30 seconds until the LED light on your Comcast remote blinks twice.]


Step 5. Now enter the specified 5-digit programming code using the numeric buttons on your Comcast remote.

[Tip: For example you can start programming Samsung LCD TVs with ‘10812’ code, for other Samsung TVs you can use programming code ‘10060’ initially.]

Step 6. After entering the programming code, you will need to press the power button when the LED of your Comcast remote blinks twice.


[Tip: The power button is located in different places depending on the model of the Comcast remote, but you can usually find it on the front panel. ]

Step 7. You need to press and hold the power button until your Samsung TV turns off.

[Tip: If you are able to turn off your Samsung TV with the power button on your Comcast remote, this indicates you have successfully programmed your Comcast remote.]


Step 8. Otherwise you can use the following codes from the Samsung TV Code List for Comcast Remotes by following the same procedure.

Step 9. Once the correct code is entered, you must check the functionality of your programming by pressing different buttons on your Comcast remote.

Step 10. Initially you can verify the remote’s programming success by pressing buttons like volume up/down or channel change after you finish programming your device.]


Samsung Home Theater Remote Control Code

Manual Method to Process Samsung TV Codes for Comcast Remote

There are two ways you can program Samsung remote codes for Comcast. Firstly, let’s take a look at the manual steps.

Step-1 Search TV’S programming code on user manual or online.


Step-2 Turn on the TV. The Samsung TV’s power button usually occurs on the front panel, but it is in various places.

Step-3 Press the “Television” button on the remote control.

Step-4 Hold down the “setup” buttons on the blinking “TV” button two times.


Step-5 Enter the first five-digit code you chose from Samsung Xfinity remote code list. The “TV” button flashes twice.

Step-6 Pointing the remote to the TV, press the “Power” button on the remote control. The device should close. If this does not work, repeat the steps given above unless next TV code does not work.

Step-7 Now, press the other button on the remote control to make all available tasks work. With the Comcast universal remote, only some basic functions will work. If the basic controls do not work, use another code and repeat the above steps.


Code Universal Remote Samsung Sound Bar

Automatic Method to Process Samsung TV Codes for Comcast Remote

Step-1 Turn on the TV.

Step-2 Click the “TV” button on the universal remote control and then press the “Setup” key to press the “TV” button until it blinks twice.


Step-3 Enter “9-9-1” on the numeric keypad on the remote control. The “TV” button flashes twice.

Step-4 Step-1 Press the “1” button of the remote control’s numeric keypad.

Step-5 Press the “Power” button on the remote control to press the “CH +” button. Repeat until the TV does not light. Press the Setup key on Comcast universal remote to save the code.


The Conclusion People often don’t know how to set up a universal remote with their television or other devices. In the above guide, we have given a complete procedure to program Comcast universal remote to Samsung TV.

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