Do you want to know about Samsung DVD player remote codes? If yes, you can read this article.

Here, we are discussing the Samsung DVD player universal remote code list, where all the codes are listed.

If you have a universal remote you can search for your code here and enter the selected code to control your device with this universal remote.

Well, you can find out the universal code in this post. To program, you need to know the process.

So, we have also discussed how you can program a Samsung DVD universal remote. so, let’s begin the topic and don’t miss any point of this post.

4 Digit Samsung DVD Remote Control Codes

The remote codes are available in 4 Digit and 5 Digit. So, select one correct code, and the 4 Digit remote codes are listed, in the following section.

Check the code list and choose one code that suits the device, now enter the code on your device using the programming procedure.


So, from the above list, you can pick one of your codes and remember when the code you selected is not working on your device, you can simply choose another code from the list and do the same process all over. In that way, you can program and control your device with a universal remote.

5 Digit Samsung DVD Remote Control Codes

Here, you can check the Samsung DVD 5 Digit remote code and we have mentioned the complete list of that remote code.

when the 4 Digit codes are not accepted then, you can use this 5 Digit code to program well. Now, let’s check out the 5 Digit Samsung DVD codes below.


The remote codes are necessary to program your device with a universal remote. So, when you enter the 4 Digit or 5 Digit code, you need to check whether the digit is correct and do not miss any digit of your code, as it may not be acceptable on your device. So, be careful while processing.

How to program universal remote for Samsung DVD Player

To program your Samsung DVD player with a universal remote control, you need to follow the below steps effectively. Let’s jump into the steps

Step:1 First, you need to SWITCH ON your Samsung DVD and ensure that the DTA is on and installed correctly.

Step:2 Now, point the universal remote towards the device that you want to control.

Step:3 Press and hold the PROG button on your universal remote until a light turns on then, release the PROG button now press the INFO button.

Step:4 After that, you can see a light will blink continuously. Now, let see the next step

Step:5 Select your device code from the above list and enter it. When you enter the correct code your DVD player will show the “success” option and if your code is incorrect DVD will show “sorry” and you can use another code from the list. Repeat the same process till you get the right one.

Step:6 Now, you can press any of the keys to check your remote functions and it is necessary to check. If it does not work you can repeat the steps to control your device with a universal remote.

How to Setup Samsung DVD Universal Remote Codes

To program your device with a universal remote, you have several methods. Well, you can choose any method, according to you. If one method is not working, you can go with another method. Now, let’s begin this method

Step-1 Click and hold on to the PROG button until you see the light turns on.

Step-2 Now, you have to select the DVD button.

Step-3 Select the Samsung DVD code from the list and enter it

Step-4 When you enter the right code, the light turns off. When the light remains lit, you can try another code and try until the light goes off.