To control home theatre devices two remotes are applicable which seem irritating. However, you can use this one universal remote to operate your device.

This universal remote has its brand codes to program your device with this universal remote. So, to find out your Samsung home theatre universal codes, you can check below.

In this article, you can search for your device code, and also you can learn the programming procedure, which helps you to program your device with the remote control. We have discussed various programming procedures.

You can choose one method based on your situation and needs so, without any further duo let’s move on to the topic.

Samsung Home Theatre Universal Remote Codes

To program Samsung home theatre universal remote you may have 4 Digit codes. In the following table, we have listed all the codes of Samsung home theatre.

Select one code and enter it on the device. If one of the codes is not right you can use different codes. now, have a look at the table

4 Digit Remote Codes for Home Theaters – Audio

Brand Code
Aiwa0641, 1912
Panasonic1910 1909, 1908, 1907,
Apex Digital1937 , 1915
RCA1913 , 0790
Sony1904 , 1903
ADCOM0161, 0082, 0269 0092, 0225

3 Digit Remote Codes for Home Theaters – Audio

Brand Code
Philips250, 251, 063 249,
Sharp063 251, 249, 250,
Rca048, 117, 067 010, 156,
Pioneer159, 198 116, 014, 039, 044, 033, 045, 050, 035, 078, 069, 168,
Mitsubishi204 242, 243,
Sansui228 065, 048, 040, 110, 119,
Onkyo064, 179, 209, 108, 079, 017, 270 080, 090, 107, 046, 187,
Sherwood051, 103, 038, 105, 102, 106, 024, 055, 030
Yamaha169, 232, 089, 173, 067, 253, 026, 264 205, 264,
Jvc266 163, 191, 114, 240,
Sanyo059 , 047
271 015, 218, 101, 093, 160, 018, 247, 166, 248, 223, 184,
262 193, 176, 200, 257, 122, 219, 177, 178,
198 087, 060,
143, 210

How to Program Samsung Home Theatre Universal Remote Control

As we have already discussed to set up a Samsung theatre universal remote control, you have many methods. When you set up your device with a universal remote, you can control more than 2 devices in a single remote. So, select one of the methods of your needs to program and control. 

How To Program Samsung Home Theatre Universal Remote With Codes

Step- 1Switch on the device that you want to control and tap on the device button. Follow the below instructions carefully without skipping anything.

Step- 2 Well, first you can select the device brand from the list. When your brand is not listed, you can press a left arrow key to cancel and go for automatic search.

Step- 3 Press on your device button and then hold on to the setup button on the remote control until the light indicates and it will blink twice.

Step- 4 Now, enter the 4 Digit Samsung home theatre universal code from the list.

Step- 5 Press the power button and your device will turn off which means you have selected the right code. If the device remains on you can use another code repeating the same process and try till your device turns off.

You can go with the automatic search method if all the code is not working on your device.

How To Program Universal Remote Without Codes

This method is applicable when all of the codes are not accepted on your device. so, to program a universal remote without using codes. you need to follow the below steps effectively. 

Step-:1 To begin with, you have to TURN ON the device that you wish to program and click on the device button.

Step:2 After the device button, now tap and hold on to the SETUP button until a light blink two times on the device key.

Step:3 Next, tap on any of the function keys, such as the left arrow, play or mute, etc key. When you don’t press any function key the power button is tested.

Step:4 click on CH+\CH- keys repeatedly till the function key performs well, pointing the remote to the device. Then, the device will turn off

Step:5 Now, save the code of your device by clicking on the setup button. That’s all, you can control your device with a universal remote.

How to Program Universal Remote with Auto Code Search

Step- 1 Switch on your device then, tap on the device button.

Step- 2 Now, press and hold on to the setup button until a light blink twice.

Step- 3 Enter the 9,9,0 code and the light will blink twice.

Step- 4 To find out your first digit remote code click on the “1” key the light will indicate and count the number of times that it blinks and if the light doesn’t turn on then, the digit is 0.

Now, for the second digit of your remote code click on the “2” key and again the light indicates, count down the blinks and you may find your second digit code. To find the 3rd and 4th digits of code, you can follow the same process.

You may find your code. This code may be used later instead of one of the codes available for your device setup option.