By the Samsung Blu-Ray Player Remote, you can use it for all the tv brands. At this blog, we use only Samsung devices. Basically Samsung having 3-digit blu-ray universal remote code, 4-digit blu-ray universal remote code, 5-digit blu-ray universal remote code. At this blog, you get all the codes for all tv.

How to Program Samsung TV Remote for Samsung Blu-Ray Player Remote:

 Here are some steps on the Samsung Blu-ray player remote control . To easily set up your blu-ray:

Step1: Switch “ON” blu-ray player.

Step2: kept the  “blu-ray remote”  in front of your device.

Step3: Press the “power” button of remote.

Step4: You should have to press the number key from the blu-ray universal remote along with the “power” button.

Step5: Then you “enter the code” . Until you’re remote get programmed.

Step6: When your code gets correct then your “device” gets turned ”OFF”. Hence shows you that you’re remote coded with your device it just confirmed you by switch “OFF” your device.

Now you can use your Samsung blu-ray universal remote to operate your television. If this method doesn’t work, then you can apply our further methods.

Secondary methods to program Samsung Blu-Ray Player Remote:

  1. Coding via “Instruction booklet”:

Coding through instruction booklet we can easily program our Samsung blu-ray universal remote. Coding through instruction booklet we can identify our model equipment. So follow these steps to getting it faster and easily:

Step1: Switch “ON” your device.

Step2: Press the “TV” button on your “Samsung blu-ray universal remote“.

Step3: Press on the “SETUP” button on the universal remote.

Step4: “RED” light flashes on your Samsung blu-ray universal remote. It indicates you that (the process in learning).

Step5: Enter the “CODE” which you get from the instruction booklet.

Step6: If the above steps followed, press the “TV” and “POWER” button simultaneously.

Step7: When your television switch “OFF” then release the “power” button.

     2)Programming through “Samsung Blu-Ray Player Remote”:

Step1: Firstly, switch “ON” device.

Step2: Press and hold on the “SETUP” button.

Step3: By entering the given code “992”.

Step4: Press the “POWER” button along with the “VOLUME UP” button on the Samsung blu-ray universal remote code. Till your device switch “OFF”

If these methods should not working then go for the “MANUAL SETUP”.


Step1: Keep both the remote in front of each other.

Step2: Click on the “SETUP” button.

Step3: Now enter the “CODE” is written on the “instruction booklet” for “manual setup”.

Step4: Now press any function which you want to program for instance television “VOLUME DOWN”.

Step5: Then press on any corresponding key on the “ORIGINAL REMOTE CONTROLLER”.

Step6: Then “RED” light flashes once, it clarifies you’re coding saved correctly.

Step7: Now your television “VOLUME DOWN” button saved correctly on your Samsung blu-ray universal remote. And it has been used for ‘volume down’.

I think these above-given methods are best and they definitely work to program your Samsung blu-ray universal remote code. And you can use it as you want. 


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3-digit universal remote code Samsung blu ray player



4- digit universal remote code for Samsung blu ray player

Samsung Code

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5- digit universal remote code for Samsung blu ray player

Brand Code   
RCA 31769
Philips 32084 , 32434
LG 30741
Microsoft 32083
Sony 31516
Marantz 32414
Onkyo 31769 , 32147
Sylvania 30675
Vizio 32563
Onkyo 31769 , 32147
Insignia30675 , 32428 ,32596
Denon 32258
Magnavox 30675
Pioneer 30142 , 32442
Viore 32553
Yamaha 32298

Use the “CTRL+F” button in the table to find the suitable code for your device. Press the “CTRL” button from your keyboard as well as the “F” button also, press these buttons at the same time. After that, you see the search box then you enter the device name in the search box.


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