If you are searching for “Tcl Universal Remote Code” or programming instruction then you are in right place. Here you get all the codes for your device. TCL Roku TV is one of the most trusted brands in the market due to its quality. There is some inconvenience among the because it having too many cable providers for the different-different remote model. If you want to program “TCL Roku Tv Universal Remote Codes” then, just follow these steps

Tcl Roku Tv Remote Codes:

TIME Warner 1566 / 0387
Dish Network 535
Bright House Cable 1756
TIVO0366 / 0091
Cox 1756
Cable Vision 0031
ATT Uverse 1346
ONN 3851

How to Program TCL Roku Tv Universal Remote Codes:

Step1: Turn “ON” your “TCL Roku tv remote control codes”.

Step2: Keep your universal remote control in front of your device.

Step3: Search the key on your universal remote control “TV” button and “SETUP” button. Press and hold down both the keys simultaneously. It is because your device goes into “Learning Mode”.

Step4: Press any code which is given below on your “TCL TV”.

Step5: “RED” light blink “twice”. After that enter the code which is given below, if you find the correct code for your device then “RED” light “OFF”. It shows you that your steps are correct.

Step6: If you did not get correct then find the correct for your device which is given below.

Step7: Press and hold any “function” key which you want to program. Your TCL Roku Tv universal remote codes get coded.

If your remote is program then keep using. If your TCL television remote control is not programmed then try it with another code which is given below.

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