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Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung TV & Program Guide



Having trouble getting your Spectrum remote to work with your Samsung TV? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to find the right spectrum remote codes for samsung tv for your Samsung TV and how to program your remote. So grab your remote and let’s get started!

spectrum remote codes for samsung tv

The listing of Spectrum remote codes for Samsung TVs is found here. Select a suitable spectrum remote code from the list of your device.


Follow the instructions to enter the keycode on the device. Do not skip any number while entering the code. Let’s check out the following remote codes.


How you can Program Spectrum Remote for Samsung Tv

 To program your spectrum remote you have multiple choices. The methods to program spectrum remote are Manual, Auto search, and quick setup.

You can select any method, and if one of the methods is not responding, you can try another method to program. Follow the below instructions carefully.


Step-1 Switch on your Samsung Tv to program with a spectrum remote control.

Step-2 Click on the code search button and hold it until the tiny light turns on. When the light turn on, release the code search button. 

Step-3 Tap the device button (click on the Tv button for tv and if your device is DVD click on the DVD button). After clicking on the device button, the tiny light will blink once.  


Step-4 Click on the numeric key (0-9) that of your device manufacturer. for full code search on the device library tap on the “0” key.

Step-5 Repeatedly click on the remote power button or you can also click the channel up button and confirm that your remote keys are responding 

Step- 6 To install the code you need to click on the mute button. 


Step-7 When the device brand code is found, a tiny light will blink for a few seconds. 

Step-8 That’s it. Follow the procedure completely and you can operate your Samsung Tv with a spectrum remote control

How you can Program Spectrum remote for Samsung Tv Manually

When you find your device code you can use this manual method to program. follow the instructions properly.


Step-1 Turn on the Samsung Tv

Step-2 Click on the both Tv and OK\SEL buttons for at least 3 seconds. The led will turn on for half a minute.

Step-3 Select a code from the above list and enter it on the device


Step-4 When you enter the right code then, press the power button to turn off the device and again press the power button.

Step-5 When the device turns on. Click on various keys on the remote to confirm that the remote is working properly

Step-6 Lastly, you need to store the code and for that click on the device button for confirmation, a led will blink two times. 


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