Do you need Samsung soundbar remote codes? If so, here you can search for Samsung soundbar program codes.

The complete list of remote codes is listed in this post. To connect your device with a universal remote you need to know about the corresponding remote code with program instructions.

To Get Samsung soundbar remote codes checks out the following listing of remote codes. 

On this page, the instructions for the program are available in two categories. We have discussed everything clearly, you can easily do it by yourself. If you face any problem you can comment below. 

List of Samsung Sound Bar Remote Codes

The listing of Samsung soundbar remote codes is found below. Go with your device model’s name as there are multiple codes available for each brand, pick out anyone and stick to the instructions to program your smart device with the universal remote.

GE Remote Codes for Samsung Sound Bar


Samsung Sound Bar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:


RCA Remote Codes for Samsung Sound Bar


Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung Soundbar


Programming Samsung Sound Bar Remote Manually

This is our first method to program the Samsung soundbar remote for Time warner. In this manual method, you need codes. pick out a remote code from the Samsung soundbar remote codes.

Step-1 Switch on your device that you want to connect with the Samsung soundbar remote.

Step-2 Press the Tv button on your Samsung soundbar universal remote.

Step-3 Use the universal remote to press the setup button and hold the button until a tiny flash indicates. 

Step-4 Enter your Samsung soundbar universal remote codes that you have picked from the above listing.

Step-5 Tap on the Power button and your device will switch off. 

Turn on the device by pressing the power button and ensure your universal remote is completely programmed and ready to work with the device.

Note: when one code is incorrect for your device or you are unable to program a universal remote with the device. Then, select another code from the above code list. Follow the exact process as we discussed above.

Programming Samsung Sound Bar Remote Without Codes

Step-1 Switch on the device that you want to operate with a Samsung soundbar universal remote. This method scans all the universal remotes to choose the right one for your device. 

Step-2 For at least 3 seconds, tap on the (Tv, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL) device button. A light will indicate and your device is waiting to program.

Step-3 With the universal remote, click on CH+\CH- button. Then, the remote appears on\off signals. 

Step-4 Press the up or down button on the universal remote till your device turns off.

Step-5 Verification is necessary so, click on the power button to verify your corresponding code 

Step-6 After verification, Your device should switch on 

Step-7 Ensure to confirm your Samsung soundbar universal remote is working properly with the device.

Step-8 Store the code by clicking on the device button to ensure you notice a light blink twice for confirmation that your code is stored on the device.