Here I give the information about radioshack 3 in one remote control. How will you control all your home devices with just one remote? Through this remote you can operate all home devices or for those devices which you want to operate such as (TV/DVD/VCR/satellite or cable box ).

Here you get the best programming methods for your “radioshack 3 in one remote control”. Sometimes happen that people are getting puzzled to program their universal remote. You have to follow just these steps which I suggest you for programming your universal remote control, steps are given below.

Program Radioshack 3 In One Remote Control by Code Entry Method:

Step1: Remove the battery cover and install the new set of ‘AAA’ battery and then close the battery cover.

Step2: Find the “SETUP” button in your remote and then press and hold the “SETUP” button, until the indicating(RED) light fluctuates “twice”.

Step3: Press the device button which you want to program such as (TV/DVD/VCR/satellite or cable box).

Step4: Search the three-digit code which is listed below for your device. Keep searching, until you get the suitable “radio shack universal remote code list” for your device.

Step5: Enter the code by using your remote number keypad, when you entered the correct code then your remote’s indicator(RED) light turns “OFF”. When you enter the wrong then indicator light flashes.

Step6: Turn on the device manual and then press and hold the “CH+” button from your remote. If you will be able to control your device then your remote is program successfully.

If you were not able to control your radioshack 3 in one remote then repeat this process or you may go for the next method which is given below.

Program Radioshack 3 In One Remote Control by Code Search Function:

Step1: Switch “ON” the device which you want to operate with your radioshack 3 in one remote.

Step2: Press and hold down the “SETUP” button, until the indicator light flashes “twice”. And parallel press the device button also such as(tv/VCR/DVD/cable box and may more).

Step3: Look for the “CH+” button on your remote control to program for TV or cable box and press and hold down the “CH+” button.

Note: For the DVD/VCR player press the “POWER” button repeatedly. If your television or cable, box change the channel or your DVD/VCR player also. And your device switch “OFF” by pressing the “POWER” button then your device program successfully.

Step4: Press and hold down the “ENTER” button to save your radio shack universal remote codes 3 in 1 successfully to finish the programming.

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