Are you stuck with your Samsung Tv remote? Here, you can find a replacement remote for your Samsung TV. The Xfinity universal Remote can be the best replacement remote for Samsung TV.

Enter the correct code as this universal remote will work after entering the right remote code.

On this page, you can find remote codes of your device, select a code according to your device brand’s name and you need program instructions to program it successfully. The Xfinity remote codes for Samsung TV and program instructions are listed below.

There are many remote codes available in the list, select a code and follow the program instructions.

Xfinity Remote Code List for Samsung TV

We have listed down all the Xfinity remote codes for your Samsung TV. you have to find out the code according to your device and model name.

Follow the instructions to enter the code and do not miss any number while entering the code.

5 digit codes For XR2, XR5, XR11, XR15 for Xfinity remote

10812 10329
11903 10482

Programming Xfinity Remote to Samsung Tv Manually

Step-1 Turn on your Samsung TV

Step-2 Click on the TV button using Xfinity universal remote control.

Step-3 Press and hold on to the setup button on the Xfinity remote, until a light blink twice on the device button.

Step-4 Select a code from the code list of your brand and model name

Step-5 Enter the code using the Xfinity remote number pad and a light will blink two times.

Step-6 Point the universal remote towards your TV and press the power button and your TV will turn off. 

Step-7 When the TV remains on, you need to select another code from the list and enter it using the same above process.

Step-8 Check the remote control functionality by pressing different keys on the remote and if it is not working you need to select a different code from the list.

Step-9 When the remote works, you can handle your Samsung Tv with Xfinity remote control.