Directv Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV & Program Instructions

Are you seeking for the Direct TV remote control codes? Look no further. You may take a chance on us, to be honest. We have an exhaustive collection of codes. So begin by reading this instructive article and determining which code is most appropriate for and capable of resolving your problem.

DIRECT TV Remote Codes For TVs

Before you program the DIRECTV remote to your television, you must first find the 5-digit code for your television from the list below

The following is a comprehensive list of direct TV. There are several corporations, each with its own set of coding requirements. The list covers all brands that meet the following Codes requirements. As a result, consider all of them and opt for your brand and its Direct TV code.

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Directv Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

10054 10893

So, now that you’ve gone over the codes for your DIRECT TV system, it’s time to connect it to your television. As a result, the entire procedure is provided below; please examine it carefully and pay close attention to the detailed instructions.

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How to program the DirecTV rc73 remote to operate with the television:

  • To begin, locate your television’s five-digit remote code using the list below.
  • Turn on the television and direct the remote control toward the screen.
  • Using the SELECT and MUTE buttons on your DIRECTV remote, press and hold the SELECT and MUTE buttons until the GREEN LED flashes three times.
  • Using your DIRECTV remote control, enter the four-digit remote code for your television (GREEN LED will blink for each number that is pressed)
  • After entering the four-digit remote code, the GREEN LED on your DIRECTV remote will flash twice to indicate success.

NOTE: Entering remote codes may require many attempts due to the fact that remote codes vary by television model; restart the step if the remote code was incorrect.

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