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How to Reset Codes Fast in Universal Remote Control



The universal remote control is made to control any devices with just one remote. 3,4 digit remote codes are used to program this remote control. These codes work with different brand devices to send appropriate signals.

Sometimes, happen that old codes are erased by the remote and new codes are entered. This is done only when you want to program a new device setup. Here we only discussed the programming method for “How to Reset Codes in Universal Remote”

Programming Method for How to Reset Code in Universal Remote Control:

STEP 1: Remove the old set of batteries.


STEP 2: After the removal of batteries, press all the buttons. Because remote absorbs some current from your batteries. Keep your remote for at least five-six minutes without batteries. All the power of your remote will drain.

STEP 3: Press the “POWER” button to make sure that no signal light is “ON”.

STEP 4: Press a new set of batteries. Remember that the batteries you put only “AAA” batteries are used.


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How to Program Universal Remote Control After Reset:

STEP1: Press and hold the “POWER” button on your universal remote control. For that device, you want to program such as (TV/DVD/and many more).

STEP 2: Tap on the “LED” button from your remote until the light comes “ON”.


STEP 3: Press and hold down the “TV” button from your remote. If you program for television. If you want to program for “DVD” then you have to press the “DVD” button from your remote. The indicator light blinks and remain “ON”.

STEP 4: Press the “POWER” button and down your remote control slowly and don’t press the “POWER” again. After the device turns “OFF”.

STEP 5: Press the “ENTER” button from your “universal remote control”. If the indicator light turns “OFF” then you’re remote with the device are programmed.


Your universal remote control is programmed for your device that you want to program. Now you enjoy your home entertainment devices with this remote. By this method, you can program all universal remote control.

Alena is a tech blogger with a passion for helping people get the most out of their electronic devices. she has extensive experience with universal remote control programs, TV repair, and device repair. she is always up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and she shares his knowledge with his readers in a clear and concise way.



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