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The following is a list that includes all of the possible code possibilities for the Philips DirecTV remote. It is necessary for you to configure the remote control that comes with the cable or satellite box in order for it to be able to operate the Philips television. If you have a universal remote control, you may be able to set it to operate not just your Philips TV but also your cable or satellite television as well.

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Directv


Instructions for Setting Up a Philips DirecTV Remote

By eliminating the need for you to keep track of various remote controls, Philips’ DirecTV receivers may be used with a universal remote that can be set up to operate your television, DVD player, and other devices. The first setup is the only time you’ll need to configure your remote, but if your batteries die or you get a new TV, you’ll have to start from scratch. There are two methods for programming a TV remote: entering the setup codes directly into the remote, or scanning through the codes manually.

Using Initialization Sequences in Code

First, you’ll need to find the device’s configuration code. You may look up these passwords in the user guide or on the DirecTV website. There, in the top left of your remote, you’ll be prompted to choose the remote control model you’re using. Following this step, your Philips DirectTV remote will prompt you to input the manufacturer and model number of the TV or other device you want to control. Use the search bar to look for the code or codes that work with your gadget.

Second, set the TV option by swiping the switch. The “AV1” and “AV2” settings are for programming additional devices like DVD players and home theatre systems.

Third, power up your TV or other device you’re trying to set up.

Fourth, press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons simultaneously until the green light beneath the “TV” symbol on your remote flashes twice, and then let go.

Fifth, Using the remote’s numeric pad, type in the TV’s five-digit setup code. If you input the code properly, the TV icon’s green light will blink twice. While pointing the remote towards the TV, press the “Power” button on the device. If the TV turns off, jot down the code so you can turn it back on later. If there are many codes for your TV model, you may need to try them all to discover the one that activates your TV. Repeat this step with a different code until you are able to turn off your TV using the remote control. There is a chance that you can find the code for your TV on your own if none of the known codes work.

Looking for the Secret Code

Step 1:

Power up the device you want to use the Philips DirecTV remote for.

Step 2:

Select the appropriate input by sliding the switch to the TV, AV1, or AV2 positions.

Step 3:

Follow press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons until the green light beneath the switch position blinks twice.

Step 4:

Type “9910” to get satellite setup codes, “9911” for TV setup codes, “9912” for VCR or DVD setup codes, and “9913” for stereo or surround-sound configuration codes.

Step 5:

Aim the remote towards the target device and push the “Channel Up” button slowly and repeatedly until the TV or other gadget powers down. When your TV or gadget powers off, don’t keep pushing “Channel Up;” instead, hit the “Select” key to permanently save the channel number in the remote.

Step 6:

To double-check the code, press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons, and then type in the number “990.” Press and hold the “1” button to see the first digit of your code. The initial number of your device’s setup code will flash on and off on your remote a certain number of times. To find the code for setting up your device, repeat the procedure by pushing and holding the digits 2–5 on the remote.