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How to Get DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player?



LG is a leading brand in the industry, and it is known for the super functionality and long durability of electronics like TV and DVD. If you are looking for DirecTv remote codes for an LG DVD player, this post can help you. DirecTv remote is a multi-functional device that can easily pair up with various audio and DVD players. You can use the DirecTv remote control to operate the LG DVD player, and you have t connect the LG DVD player with the DirecTv remote to do so. For this, you need DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player.

The following write-up helps you know how to get LG DVD player codes for the DirecTv remote. The DirecTv universal remote control should also have a code search or learning function to find work code. So, keep reading about the codes and ways to connect the DirecTv remote with the LG DVD player.

Complete List of DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player

Following is the list of common DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player. Select one code from the list to connect your DVD player with the DirecTv remote. Also, if one DirecTv universal remote code is not working, select a different code from the list given below.


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How to Program DirecTv Remote to LG DVD Player Manually?

1. Firstly, switch on the LG DVD player you wish to program with a DirecTv universal remote.


2. Press the “DVD” button on the DirecTv remote. Hold the DirecTv universal remote in front of the LG DVD player and press the Setup button until the light blinks.

3. Subsequently, enter the LG DVD player universal remote code from the above list of DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player.

4. After this procedure, point your remote towards the LG DVD player and hold the Power button.


5. The screen will turn off. Your DirecTv universal remote for the LG DVD player is ready to use.

6. If the code doesn’t work correctly or shows an error, try a different DirecTv code from the list of DirecTv remote codes for LG DVD player and follow the above steps.


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