Did you buy a new Directv rc66rbx remote control? And do you want to program it for your TV/DVD/VCR and other devices? And you didn’t have programming instruction to program your remote control and you also didn’t have DirecTV remote rc66rbx codes.

So, don’t have to worry about we here provide you all the necessary things which you need for your remote control to make compatible with your device. Here we discussed three methods you can try all the methods.

NOTE: After following the programming instruction. If your remote control is not compatible with your remote control. Then you have to try another codes to program your remote control. Sometimes codes are not valid and codes are validity finished.

Program Directv Remote rc66rbx Control by Manual Code Entry:

Step1: Move the “MODE” button towards the Directv. AV1,AV2 or TV positon.

Step2: Tap and hold the “MUTE” and “SEL” buttons. Press these buttons simultaneously until the green indicator light blinks “twice”. Release the buttons after you see the correct light is blinking on the selected mode.

Step3: Find the Directv Remote rc66rbx Codes for your device in the table and when you get the codes. Then enter it by using the number pad of the remote control. If your device accepts the code then the green light will flash twice on the selected mode button.

Step4: Kept your remote control close to the device which you want to make compatible with your remote control. Then tap on the “POWER” button once.

Step5: After tap on the “POWER” button your device should be turned off.

If this not happen then repeat the procedure again and again by using different remote codes. When entered the correct “Directv Remote rc66rbx Codes” then your device turned off after pressing the “POWER” button. 

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