What are the Codes for Programming DirecTV Remote to RCA TV ?

Programming a device with DirecTV remote without the proper codes can be time taking and difficult. To avoid this problem, there are appropriate codes of 4 digits or five digits. You can choose the correct RCA DirecTV remote code from the list of codes and program it.  Here, you will find the RC TV codes for DirecTV for programming DirecTV remote to RCA TV.

Check the Manual for DirecTV Remote Codes for RCA TV

Reading complete manuals can sometimes be time-consuming. But, to avoid any hassle while using the device, it is better to go through the manuals provided. Firstly, check the manual for programming DirecTV remote to RCA TV and then move further.

Finding the Right RCA DirecTV Remote Code

You can quickly find remote codes on the web. Mainly, there are many codes available for each set. For RCA also, there are different codes for all variants. Check the following RCA DirecTV remote code list.

Codes for RCA TVs with picture tube: 11447, 10047, 10090, 10679, 11047, 11147, 11247, 11347, 11547, 11958 and 12002

Codes for RCA LCD TVs: 20060, 20042, 20149, 20807, 20880, 21035, and 21060

What are the Steps for Programming DirecTV Remote to RCA TV?

1. Firstly, turn on the RCA TV and enter the chosen RCA DirecTV Remote code. On the DirecTV remote, press the mode button “TV”.

2. Now, press and hold the “Select” and “Mute” keys simultaneously. Wait for a few seconds to check if the LED flashes twice.

3. If the LED does not flash, this means that the code you have chosen does not work. So, choose another one from the list of RCA TV codes for DirecTV remote.

4. When the light flashes, release the “Mute” and “Select” buttons.

5. Once you have put the correct code, the DirecTV remote must work with RCA TV. When you have confirmed that the remote is working, set the “Mode” to “DirecTV”. Now you will be able to on the satellite dish and the TV at the same time.

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