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Programming Sanyo TV with RCA Universal Remote Codes



Having a backup remote control is always good if you tend to misplace your TV remotes. The best solution is to use universal remotes as they are compatible with all brand devices.

Moreover, programming a universal remote is very easy and it will take a few minutes to complete the process.

In this post, you will come across RCA remote codes for Sanyo TV and its programming instructions. For programming Sanyo TV, you have to enter an RCA remote code that matches the brand of the programming device.


Once you insert the proper code followed by the programming user manual, you are all ready to use the device with the RCA universal remote.

Please have a look at this blog once and try to program your brand Sanyo television with the RCA universal remote control.

The RCA universal remote codes given here are the best codes for Sanyo TV.


How To Reprogram An RCA Universal Remote

List of RCA Universal Remote Codes for programming Sanyo TV

Are you willing to use the RCA remote control for operating the Sanyo TV, get the programming codes right here?

The below table consists of the best Sanyo TV codes that will easily program the RCA remote.


You have to enter the proper matching code for the device and then perform the programming process.

Enter one code after another from the list of RCA remote codes for Sanyo TV till you succeed in device programming.

3 digit codes

Model NoCode
RCU410 RCU310, RCU300080 049 162 073 004 107 169 048 180 196
RCU500 RCU400R3039 058 057 017 021 056
RCU404 RCU300T052 077 089

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4 digit codes 

Model NoCode
RCR450, RCR350, RCR8151196 1169 1107 1073 1162 1048 1049 1180 1080 1004
RCR860 RCR612, RCR8121004 1095 1089 1073 1049
RCR3273/3373 RCR412B1047 1080 1129 1163 1121 1078 1204
RCRH02BR RCR804BR1756 4398 3183 3697 2049 0154 0799 2434 1362 0885 0054 3488 0088 1142 1480 0706 3861 0893

5 digit code

Model NoCode
RCRPS02GR RCRN08GR11142 11756 10885 11480 14398 12434 10054 11362 12049 13488 13183 11785 11564

How will you program the RCA Universal Remote with the Sanyo Television?

Codes are an essential part when you want to program a device with the universal remote. You have to insert a perfect code to establish a 100 per cent connection and control over the device.


Below, you will get the updated remote codes for Sanyo TV and the RCA remote. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to incorporate the remote codes:

  • The very first thing is that you have to collect all the codes by listing them. This will help you to save time while you perform the programming method.

  • Switch on your smart Sanyo TV. Then, open the remote’s battery compartment and check if the installed batteries are in good condition or not. It will help to avoid interruptions during the process.

  • Point your RCA universal remote towards the Sanyo TV. Tap on the TV button on your remote control.

  • Hold down the button for a while till the Power button turns off.

  • Now, use the keyboard of the RCA remote to enter the codes listed below. When you enter the last number of the code, the Power button should go off.

  • You have to hold down the TV button and wait for the Sanyo TV to turn back on. If the TV gets on, it has been successfully programmed with the RCA universal remote.

  • To test whether the device is fully programmed, tap on various buttons of your remote and see if the TV responds to all the buttons of the RCA remote.

If the remote’s buttons are responding it means the programming was successful. You can now use the RCA universal remote as the backup remote for your Sanyo television.

  • However, if the Sanyo TV does not respond to the commands of the remote, you have to use another remote code and do the steps again.


In this blog, you came to know about RCA universal remote codes for programming the Sanyo TV.


The codes listed above are the best ones and you have to try one code after another till you succeed in programming the Sanyo TV with the RCA remote.


Share this post with many people and if any questions, please let us know.

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