For receiving digital signals through a standard antenna, a digital converter box is needed. Many brands supply digital converter boxes. One of them is RCA digital converter box. After you connect the converter box to the antenna, you will need a remote control to operate devices like TV. Usually, RCA digital converter box comes with its remote control. But, if, due to any reason, you have lost or damaged the RCA DTA800 remote control, you can use the universal remote. You have to program your devices with the RCA universal remote, and you are good to go! To set up the devices, you need RCA Universal Remote Codes for converter box.

Below we have mentioned the complete RCA DTA800 remote code list.  You have to choose the appropriate codes for the RCA converter box as per the devices you want to program and follow some instructions. After the list, we have given the complete detailed steps to program RCA universal remote with your devices. So, firstly, have a look at the RCA digital converter box remote codes list given below.

List of Universal Remote Codes for RCA Converter Box


How to Program RCA DTA800 Converter Box Manually?

1. Firstly, Turn on the device to program with the RCA remote.

2. Press the component button on the RCA universal remote control(TV) for the device you need to program. For example, press the TV button to program the TV with the remote.

3. Now, press and hold the Setup button on the RCA DTA800 universal remote. Keep holding until the button gets lit.

4. Once the LED turns on, enter the appropriate RCA DTA880 code you chose from the RCA converter box TV codes list provided above.

5. Once you are done, point the remote towards the device. Press and hold the power button while the RCA universal remote is facing the device.

6. When the screen switches off, release the button from the remote.

7. Now, your device will function properly with the RCA DTA800 universal remote control. If it doesn’t, try to use some other code from the RCA DTA800 converter box remote codes list.

Troubleshooting Suggestions for RCA DTA800 Converter box

1. Unit is not working

  • In this case, firstly, unplug the AC power cord. After that, plug it again.

2. Signal is weak/ Channels are not available

  • Try repositioning of antenna.
  • In case the signal is still weak, use a more powerful antenna to boost
  • It is suggested to use a smart antenna.

3. Not getting sound

  • Check the connection between the converter box and TV is appropriately made.
  • Also, check if the TV is not muted.

4. Converter box turned off suddenly

  • In the main menu, check that Auto Power Down Timer is not activated.

5. Not getting a picture on the Television screen

  • Firstly, check that the RCA DTA800 converter box is turned on.
  • Check the connections between the RCA converter box and TV.
  • Until the picture appears on the screen, try different channels and video inputs.