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Get RCA Universal Remote Codes For Element TV: Easy Guide



Looking for RCA universal remote codes for Element TV? You’re not alone. Many people have trouble finding the right codes, or they don’t know how to program them.

This easy guide will show you how to find and program the right codes so you can control your TV with your remote.

List of RCA Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

The available codes of RCA universal remote for Element Tv are listed here.


You need to choose one code from the RCA code list and follow the procedure to enter your keycode.

5-Digit Remote Code for RCRN08GR, RCRPS02GR


5-Digit Remote Code for RCR804BR, RCRH02BR


Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes for Element TV

To program Rca universal remote codes for Element TV have multiple methods. Here, we can discuss two methods of programming:

manual method and without code method. If one method is not working then, try the second method, and with the below instructions, you can program easily. 


Programming RCA Universal Remote for Element Tv Manually

In this method, you can use code to program RCA universal remote for element Tv 

Step-1 Switch on your Element Tv that is going to work with a universal remote

Step-2 Tap on the TV button on the RCA universal remote.


Step-3Press and hold on to the setup button until the light switches on. 

Step-4 Enter your RCA universal remote codes from the above list

Step-5 After entering the code, press the power button to turn off your element Tv


Step-6 Now, you can operate your Element Tv with RCA universal remote, however, check your universal remote keys and confirm that the remote keys are working correctly. 

Step-7 If the remote keys are not responding then, repeat the above process with another code.

Programming RCA Universal Remote for Element Tv Without Code

In this method, all universal remotes are scanned to find out the right code of your device. So, if you need this method, you can check out the instructions.


Step-1 Switch on your Element Tv, you want to connect with a universal remote.

Step-2 Click at the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL) on your remote control for a few seconds. A light indicator will show up and your device is all set to program

Step-3 Click on the (CH+\- ) button and your universal remote will show on\off signals to turn off the device press the Up\Down button. 


Step-4 Click on the power button for the verification and the device will turn on.

Step-5 Try to press on a different key to confirm that the remote keys are responding

Step-6 After verification, now save the corresponding code, and when the device code is saved a light will blink twice. 


You need to complete the above process carefully and you can program your Element Tv with RCA universal remote without using any code.  

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