DirecTV provides some basic equipment on the purchasing of the product. This TV is based on the satellite signals and necessary to fix it outside your house. And your satellite receiver is connected to your TV. Direct TV provide you universal remote control by this you can easily operate your receiver. Because it is an universal remote control it can control your other home apliances such as DVD/VCR/AUDIO PLAYER/and many more. For programming you need a proper instructions that can help you to program your remote. This programming is only for the Panasonic devices.

STEP 1: Switch “ON” your Panasonic device.

STEP 2: Find the “MODE” button. And tap on the “MODE” button on your remote. This button is located at the top of the Direct TV remote.

STEP 3: Press the “AV1” OR “AV2” only for the Panasonic devices such as DVD/VCR/TV. Select the appropriate device that you want to operate with Direct TV remote control.

STEP 4: Search the “MUTE” button as well as “SELECT” button on your remote. When you these “MUTE” and “SELECT” button. Then press both these button at the same time.

STEP 5: When you press these button then indicator (RED) light blinks “twice”.

STEP 6: Find the code which is listed below. Then enter the code by using number pad of your remote. But remember code that you enter is 5-digit code.

STEP 7: When you enter the appropriate code for the device then indicator light blinks “once”.

Direct TV remote control codes for Panasonic tvs: 10093; 10145; 10150; 10250;10650; 10053; 10054; 10060; 10154; 10156; 10165; 10178; 11347; 10051; 10001; 10650; 10047;  10171; 11410; 11347; 10032; 10679; 11480; 11947; 10226; 11941; 11510; 10375; 11310; 11271; 11946; 10161; 10162; 10317; 11290;

:Direct TV remote control codes for Panasonic VCR/DVD player: 21462; 21362; 21762; 20703; 21641; 21579;20490;21490; 20632; 20503

STEP 8: hold the Direct TV remote control in front of t your device. Till the programming process complete.

STEP 9: press and hold the “POWER” button from remote. If your device shuts “OFF” then your device is programmed successfully.

If this is not happening then repeat this process at least two times. Then also your device doesn’t shut off. Then try another code for Panasonic devices which is listed above. Remember that when you use another code then start the programming process from step number four. By this method your direct TV remote control program correctly save.   

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