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Samsung Smart TV Universal Remote | Samsung tv remote manuals



If you tangled or frustrated with too many remote in your house or if your remote not function properly.  Then it is time to buy a new remote. When you buy a new universal remote then you have to program your universal remote  according to your device. For a new universal remote you need codes. Here  you get all the info about universal remote control with programming codes. Dailypostarticle teaches you how to program your universal remote control. All the programming tips with its code you get.


Step1: Switch “OFF” your television or device.


Step2: TV should be “OFF” till your tv get “synchronization” or “sync” completed. Don’t worry your tv catch the signal from your remote.

Step3: Press and hold down the “TV” button from your remote. When you press the “ TV” button this message goes to your remote and remote provide your tv a suitable signal for the “synchronization” process.

Step4: by using sharp and thin substance to press and hold the “SETUP” button from your remote.


Step5: 3-digit Samsung universal remote code list or 4-digit Samsung universal remote code list given below. Pick up the “CODE” and enter it by using your remote key-pad. If the doesn’t work then you choose another code for your device. Try the codes till you get correct code for your device.

Step6: Press and hold down the “POWER” button from your universal remote. If your tv get “ON” then you get the correct code. If your tv didn’t “ON” then you go for another code.



Step1: Press and hold the “POWER” Button and switch “OFF” your tv.

Step2: Press and hold the “PRG” button form your remote, meaning of  this abutton is “PROGRAM”. Hold this button for 3 seconds. “RED” light LED will blinks “twice” and keep “ON”.

Step3: Press and hold the “TV” button from your remote. It remind your remote that it will “synchronization” or “sync” with tv. Your tv is programed under your “TV” button.


Step4: Search code for your tv which is given below. Start entry the “CODE”. Enter code and then press the “ENTER” button. If your code is correct then LED “RED” light turn “OFF”. After that you press the “POWER” button, if your device is “ON” then your “code” saved correctly. If your remote light remain “ON” then go hear to your device and then perform this activity. If this not happens then try with another codes. Whenever you get the correct code you tv get “ON”.

NOTE: Whenever you try with another code then you follow the steps from start to last.


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