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How to Program Directv Remote to Vizio TV



Vizio TV is a popular brand in the entertainment-related electronic equipment or device market. LCD, LED and Smart TVs marketed by this brand have excellent audio, and video quality at quite a pocket-friendly pricing.

Vizio TV gives users the opportunity to enjoy multiple online and offline entertainment platforms. Vizio TV setup comes with a dedicated user manual and remote controller. In many cases, if the set-up remote fails, the replacement of the remote is necessary to keep the user’s entertainment uninterrupted.

In this case, the DirectTV remote is compatible with the user’s Vizio TV. You will need to perform specific programming to operate your Vizio TV with a DirectTV remote by replacing your Vizio TV’s setup remote.


Programming the DirecTV remote with Vizio TV requires you to follow the correct programming method along with suitable programming code.

This article provides you with simple guidance on DirecTV Remote Programming Codes and Instructions for Vizio TV.

Note: Vizio TV gives you an excellent service in terms of your uncompromised entertainment. You can easily replace your Vizio TV remote control with the DirectTV Remote to keep your home entertainment seamless. Continue reading the next parts of this article to know more about DirecTV Remote Programming Code List and Instructions for Vizio TV.


DirecTV Remote Program Codes List for Vizio TV

Pairing a Vizio TV device with a DirectTV remote requires a programming code. In this section of the article you will find the reliable 3, 4 and 5 digit programming codes for reliable and flexible pairing of the DirecTV remote with your Vizio TV.


DirecTV Remote Programming Instructions for Vizio TV

Step 1. Check the functionality of your DirectTV remote and make sure your remote is fresh and in good working order for programming with your Vizio TV.

[Tip: In this case, you can open your DirectTV remote and check or replace the battery.]


Step 2. Turn on your Vizio TV device.

[Tip: This will enable your TV device to receive programming requests made for programming with your DirectTV remote.]

Step 3. Turn off your DirecTV receiver.


[Tip: This step is especially necessary to prevent your DirectTV remote from interacting with the set-top box’s sensor when programming the Vizio TV with the DirectTV remote.]

Step 4. Slide the power switch on your DirecTV remote to ‘ON’.

[Tip: In this case you need to slide the ‘ON/OFF’ sliding button present on the front panel of your DirectTV remote towards ‘ON’ by mild pressure.]


Step 5. Press and hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously on your DirecTV remote.

[Tip: Press and hold button two for at least 30 seconds, you can release button two when the LED light on your DirectTV remote flashes twice.]

Step 6. Select the specific programming code required for programming the DirectTV remote with your Vizio TV.


[Tip: You can find programming codes compatible with your device in the DirecTV Remote Programming Codes List for Vizio TV section of this article.]

Step 7. Now enter the specific programming code from your DirecTV remote.

[Tip: You need to enter the programming code from left to right when programming your DirectTV remote.]


Step 8. Once the correct code is entered you need to press the ‘OK’ button.

[Tip: This step completes the programming of your remote.]

Step 9. Now you need to press the ‘Power’ button until your Vizio TV device turns off.


[Tip: Device turning off indicates successful programming of your DirecTV remote. Otherwise you can choose a new code from the DirecTV Remote Programming Codes List for Vizio TV and repeat the steps above.]

Step 10. After programming your remote, turn on your Vizio TV device with the remote again and check the functionality of your DirectTV remote programming.

[Tip: In this case you can verify the success of programming your DirectTV remote by pressing the functional buttons like Volume UP/DOWN, Power ON/OFF and so on.]


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