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How to Program Directv Remote With Directv Remote Codes



First, what remote control do you have?

Depending on how long you are a customer and what equipment you have, you are likely to have one of two DIRECTV remote control codes: a standard universal remote or DIRECTV Genie remote. here we try to give all type programming methods for every remote in this blog How to Program Directv Remote.

If you have a TV that supports DIRECTV, this is another installation process that we describe below. We will start with a universal remote.


How to Reset Your Directv Remote Codes:

If your DIRECTV remote control codes stop working, simply restarting will solve the problem. How to Reset Your Directv Remote Codes.

Step 1: Find the reset button. This is the small red button on the access card door or next to the receiver on some models. Not the button? Continue with step 3.

Step 2: Press the button. Wait for 15 seconds. Continue to step 4.


Step 3: Disconnect the receiver from the mains. Wait 15 seconds then turn it on again.

Step 4: Try the remote control.

If that doesn’t work, try the following:


How to Reset Your Directv Remote Codes Next Method:

Step 1: Move everything that can prevent the infrared light on your remote from reaching the receiver sensor. Even the glass door of your entertainment center can cause interference.

Step 2: Use microfiber or other lint-free cloth to clean oily fingerprints or sodium swabs from your remote sending and receiving sensors.

Step 3: Protect your receiver and remote control from direct sunlight. Try also reducing the brightness of your TV. Bright light can disturb your remote control’s signal.


How to Program Directv Universal Remote:

DIRECTV universal remote, you can control up to four devices, including DVD / Blu-ray players, DVRs, game consoles, soundbars, and televisions. Learn how to program your remote control for SD and HD receivers and change your TV input source.

Program a universal “DIRECTV remote control” for an HD DVR or HD receiver

Step 1: Press Menu on your “DIRECTV remote control”.


Step 2: In the OSD, select Parental Favorites & Settings> System Settings> Remote or Remote Control> Remote Programs.

Step 3: Select the device (DVD / Blu-ray player, DVR, game console, soundtrack, TV, etc.) to be controlled by the remote control. If your device is not registered, enter the “DIRECTV remote code”. Find them with this code search tool.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.


Program the universal DIRECTV remote control for a standard DVR or SD receiver

Good news! With the steps described above, you can program your DIRECTV universal remote control for an SD receiver

Change your TV input source with DIRECTV universal remote control


Step 1: Slide the mode switch (above the remote) to the TV.

Step 2: Simultaneously press and hold the mute button and select. Release when the green light flashes twice.

Step 3: Enter 960. The green light will blink twice twice.


Step 4: Slide the mode switch to the “DIRECTV logo”.

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Directv Remote Codes

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