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How to Unmount the Directv Remote Control



If you’re remote get sticky or not functioning well due to some food or drink is spilled on to the remote control. Then you repair it and for the repair, you need proper instructions. Here you get proper instruction on “How to Unmount the Directv Remote Control”.

STEP 1: Flip your remote and open the back cover from remote. When you remove the back cover along the battery. Then you see one or two screw take a screw driver and open with very gently.

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STEP 2: By taking a “flat screw driver” insert it into the remote edge and push it in upward direction. Place in every corner edge in the remote but remember to apply very gentle pressure to open the cover of the remote.

STEP 3:  After that you will see four screw inside the remote. Take a “small star screw driver” and open these screws. After this take a “flat screw driver” place it on the every edge as well as corner of the remote. Open the cover with the key pad. And you can see the gold colore  metal sheet this sheet protect the electronic part of the remote. 

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STEP 4:  Then you can see the two screws are fixed in the center. Take a  screwdriver and open it. After the screw is open then you see the electronic part of the remote. Lift the electronic part of your remote. Your Unmount the Directv Remote Control.

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