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List of Onn TV Codes for DirecTv Remote | Program Universal Remote



You can control up to 4 devices simultaneously with the DirectTV Universal Remote. With the universal remote, you can operate different functionalities of your ONN TV like volume up down, and channel change.

In this case, you have to program your DirecTV universal remote in a certain way through the ONN TV manufacturing code. This article provides you with complete assistance regarding ONN TV Remote Codes and programming methods for DirecTV.

Note: Your DirectTV remote programming code will vary depending on your remote model. Refer to the next part of this article for guidance on the appropriate programming codes and application methods for your DirectTV Universal Remote model.


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Onn TV Codes for DirecTv Remote List

In this section, you can find the list of ONN TV Remote Codes applicable for ONN TV programming.


ONN TV Programming Method by DirectTV Universal Remote.

Step 1. Turn on your ONN TV and prepare your DirectTV remote to program.


[Tips: You can check your remote’s battery installation and functionality at this stage.]

Step 2. Point your remote at your device.

[Tips: This will help you establish the connection between your TV’s sensor and the remote’s functionality.]


Step 3. Now you have to simultaneously press and hold the Mute and Enter buttons on your DirecTV remote.

[Tips: Hold both buttons until the green LED on your remote blinks twice.]

Step 4. You will then see a prompt on your ONN TV screen stating “Applying IR/RF Set-Up”.


Step 5. At this stage, you need to press and hold the Mute and Enter buttons again.

[Tips: In this case, you also need to wait until your remote green LED blinks twice.]

Step 6. Now you enter the specific programming code using the numeric buttons on your DirecTV universal remote.


[Tips: Check the top of this article to get the list of ONN TV Remote Codes.]

Step 7. Now turn off and on your ONN TV device by remote.

[Tips: Repeat this step twice to verify the effectiveness of programming.]


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