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How to Reset Samsung Smart TV Remote?



Is your Samsung Smart tv remote functioning? If your answer is no, then it is time to reset your tv remote. I am going to tell you to step “How to Reset Samsung Smart TV Remote”. These are the typical troubleshooting step for your remote:

Reset Coding of Your Samsung Smart TV Remote:

There many types of “Samsung tv remote” which made to control our other devices like “cable box, DVD player, audio systems, and many more. Firstly, in your remote, there is a button(on/off) at the top of the remote, and some capital letter word is written on the remote like (aux/DVD). This represents your remote is programmed for these devices also.

Reset your remote programming by pressing the button, there is the button named “setup” hold this button until the light of your remote is goes on or blinking.


Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working:

If remote doesn’t respond to you first you have to go for checking of batteries it may be drained. You can solve this type of problem by putting a new set of batteries. If remote consisting of a problem then you have to go for troubleshooting.

The “Samsung Smart Tv Remote” also not responding some time due to electronic defect in the remote like, sometimes remote felt into the ground or some water felt into a remote and many more. This type of problem can be fixed by removing batteries from the remote and pressing the button of remote randomly.

So the power doesn’t remain in the remote the power will drain completely. Then fix the new battery in the remote. Check your remote is function properly or not.


If your remote still not working. In Samsung tv remote one sensor is fitted into the remote we can be called it( IR sensor) in the remote control.

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