Magnavox universal remote control made to easily access another device by just one remote. It can control all the devices such as (DVD, tv, cable box, VCR ). Coding of Magnavox universal remote control is easy which can be accessed by everyone.

How to Install Magnavox Universal Remote Control

For installation, you have to check all the buttons of your remote work by playing all the buttons. If your remote is not functioning properly then the situation can be controlled by tv also. And for those devices also which you want to access by Magnavox universal remote.

Coding for Magnavox Universal Remote Control

  • Check batteries of remote if drained, then fix a new pair of batteries.
  • Switch “ON” tv only.
  •  Push on the “POWER” button and “SELECT” button simultaneously.
  • Then “RED” light flashes. It indicates you that the remote is “on”
  • Then you have to check your remote is “3,4,5, DIGIT CODE”.Then after entering code.
  • Verify your remote by, press the “CHANNEL +” button.
  • Your channel has to change.
  • Click on the “TV” button and enter your “3,4,5, DIGIT CODE”.
  • Then “RED” light flashes twice. It shows you that “your code is stored successfully”.

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