Magnavox Universal Remote Code & Programming Guide

One of the technological innovations is regarded as the Magnavox Universal Remote. Almost all currently available TV brands can be controlled by this in general. We’ll give you all the Magnavox universal remote codes in this blog.

Even these codes are compatible with the Magnavox MC345 universal remote. There is a corresponding code for each TV brand, which is stated in the documentation that is included with the remote. 

For more information, see our review of the Magnavox universal remote. With this Magnavox, you may discover a ton of universal remote codes on this blog, as well as other programming techniques.

Brand Code
Emerson0091 0041 0059 0130 0127 0040 0038 0070 0114
Zenith0100 0039 0103 0038 0043 0058 0041 0130
Toshiba0108 0053 0090 0125 0092 0132
Westinghouse0046 0049 0127 0112
Viewsonic0076 0096 0062 0116 0058 0054 0093 0066 0068 0008 0046
Audiovox0044 0127 0087 0080 0081 0099
Mitsubishi0038 0128 0129 0131
Vizio0046 0104
RCA0028, 0129 0003 0083 0100, 0005 0041 0122 0121
Samsung0033 0095 0032 0132 0047 0031 0038 0034 0102
Magnavox0086 0091, 0116 0058 0110 0018 0044 0115 0123 0040 0126
Curtis Mathes0123 0127, 0100 0039 0041 0129 0034 0132
RadioShack0038 0100
Sylvania0059 0040 ,0091 0123 0070 0114 0088
Philips0115 0019 0077 0018 0110 0086 0123
Polaroid0037 0052, 0118 0099 0081 0061, 0080 0073
Sony0043,0101 0029 0030
LG0026 0122 ,0103 0021 0027 0124 ,0017 0038
AOC0024 0093 0063 0058 0096
Memorex0131 0038 0089 0130 0071
Panasonic0105 0109, 0053 0126, 0106 0007
Penney0125, 0132 0100 0126 0038
Coby0014 0009, 0135 0011 0134 0067
Wards0038, 0043 0132 0125 0123, 0100 0124, 0126
Sansui0130 0071, 0040 0089 0090
Philco0123 0059, 0040 0070 0091
White Westinghouse0041 0130
Teknika0132 0123 0131
GE0127 0100, 0121 0038 0126 0122
Syntax0050 0055 0113
Haier0010 0078 0079
Dynex0002 0094 0042
Hisense0097 0016 0133 0069
Insignia0089 0120 0040,0103 0091 0069, 0130 0074 0094
JVC0035 0065, 0007 0082 0051 0130
Olevia0050 0113 0055
Durabrand0040 0038 0130
Sharp0129 0107
Envision0063 0093 0096 0058
Admiral0129 0130
Apex Digital0049 0020 0037 0133
Element0001 0088 0073
LXI0125 0123 0038 0100
GFM0040 0000 0070 0091
Sears0123, 0038 0125 0040 0100
Viore0098 0015 0072
Akai0117 0090 0034 0102
Sanyo0048 0123
Crosley0123 0043
Broksonic0090 0130
Quasar0126 0106
Curtis0023 0015
NAD0038 0125
Hitachi0039 0111
Scott0075 0038
Daewoo0041 0127
Hello Kitty0127

Magnavox Universal Remote Programming: With and Without Code

The specific steps for pairing the Magnavox MC345 and MC348 universal remote controls are listed below. We’ll talk about all the different ways to configure a remote and offer programming information for both remote types.

MC345 and MC348 Magnavox universal remote programming codes

To program the Magnavox universal remote to any home entertainment system, carefully follow the procedures below:

  • Place two AAA batteries into the remote’s back compartment.
  • Turn on the equipment you want to program (TV, sound bar, home theater).
  • Remove all barriers in the way of the gadget and the remote, then point it in its direction.
  • The “Code Search/SET” button on the remote should be pressed and held.
  • When the tiny LED light on the remote goes ON, let go of the “Code Search/SET” button.
  • Push and then let go of the device button on the remote. Press the “TV” button on the remote since we are assuming that you are pairing a television.
  • Choose the code from the Magnavox user handbook or the list of codes we provided, then key it in using the numeric keypad.
  • The remote’s illumination light will turn OFF after a successful 4-digit code entry.
  • The remote light will blink repeatedly and stay ON if the entered code is incorrect. You must repeat the process and enter a different code if this occurs.

How to Manually Configure a Magnavox Universal Remote

The universal remote may be readily programmed using the keycode, which also serves to identify the make and model of your equipment.

  • You must first “Turn The Gadget On.”
  • On your “Magnavox universal remote,” select “TV.”
  • To put the universal remote in “learning mode,” press and hold the “Setup button” until it flashes a light.
  • At last, key in the “Keycode” you gathered from the programming manual (Instructions Booklet)
  • Simply “aim your remote at the TV” after completing this step, and then “Press and Hold The Power” button.
  • When the screen dims, you can release the “Power Button.”

Programming Magnavox Universal Remotes MC345 and MC348 Automatically without Codes

Although it takes a little time, this procedure is effective. To discover the optimum code for your device, it searches through the whole database of codes that is saved on the remote. Let’s get started with the Magnavox remote configuration steps:

  • Put two AAA batteries in the remote control.
  • Manually turn the gadget on. We are using television as an example.
  • Direct the Magnavox remote control at the television.
  • Hold down the “Code Search/SET” button while you wait for the remote light to come on. Turn the button off.
  • Press the remote’s device button now. We selected “TV” at this point.
  • After that, press and hold the “Power” button while you watch for the remote’s light to stop blinking.
  • Up until your television turns off, repeat step 6 as necessary. The gadget turning “OFF” indicates that the remote has been successfully programmed.
  • To store the code when the TV turns off, hit the “Enter” button on the remote control within 3 seconds.

It’s time to check the remote’s operation. Push several buttons, like the power, volume, and channel-changing ones, to see if everything is operating properly or not.

You are ready to go if every feature is operating correctly. You must program the remote control if there is a problem.

Instructions for using the Magnavox universal remote with a TV or other device

  • First, turn on whatever electronics you have, such as a DVD player or a smart TV.
  • Discover the Magnavox Universal Remote code list below to get the control codes for your chosen devices.
  • Grab your remote control now, hit the code search button, and then hold the button down for 2 to 3 seconds until the remote’s LED light starts to blink. Release the remote button after which you should press the TV device selection button on the Magnavox remote.
  • Input your device’s 4 or 5-digit codes. Your remote LED Light will thereafter become inactive. (If your remote’s lights blink five times before automatically turning off, repeat the procedures above and enter the right device codes.)
  • Your devices are currently connected to your Magnavox universal remote. You can run a test by pointing to your device and clicking the power button.


Universal remote controls made by Magnavox are simple to set up and operate. You may easily program the Magnavox MC 345 and Magnavox 348 remote controls to any TV, audio, and gaming devices using the above-mentioned guide and methods. You may operate up to 8 different brands of gadgets at once with these remote controls. If you have the correct codes for your device, use the direct code entering option. If not, attempt the auto-search technique for pairing.

Magnavox universal remote control made to easily access another device by just one remote. It can control all the devices such as (DVD, tv, cable box, VCR ). Coding of Magnavox universal remote control is easy which can be accessed by everyone.

How to Install Magnavox Universal Remote Control

For installation, you have to check all the buttons of your remote work by playing all the buttons. If your remote is not functioning properly then the situation can be controlled by tv also. And for those devices also which you want to access by Magnavox universal remote.

Coding for Magnavox Universal Remote Control

  • Check batteries of remote if drained, then fix a new pair of batteries.
  • Switch “ON” tv only.
  •  Push on the “POWER” button and “SELECT” button simultaneously.
  • Then “RED” light flashes. It indicates you that the remote is “on”
  • Then you have to check your remote is “3,4,5, DIGIT CODE”.Then after entering code.
  • Verify your remote by, press the “CHANNEL +” button.
  • Your channel has to change.
  • Click on the “TV” button and enter your “3,4,5, DIGIT CODE”.
  • Then “RED” light flashes twice. It shows you that “your code is stored successfully”.

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