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Xfinity Code for Element TV & Program Guide



If you have an Element TV at your place and looking for Xfinity universal remote codes, you will find all the relevant information here. This guide helps you know how to get Xfinity remote codes for Element TV.

The Xfinity Universal Remote is programmed to control the most notable brands of television, cable box, and more using the code of that particular brand. If you want to know the complete Xfinity Universal Remote code list to connect the remote with Element TV, check out the codes mentioned in the upcoming sections.

You can easily program Xfinity Remote with Element TV in just a few quick steps. According to your model, you have to choose the Xfinity remote codes for Element TV. After the codes list, you will find a quick way to program Xfinity remote with the Element TV.


Xfinity remote codes for Element TV – Complete List

Find the list of Xfinity universal remote codes for Element TV. Using these codes, you can directly connect the Xfinity remote with Element TV in just a few steps. There are tied and tested codes available, so choose the required one from the Xfinity remote codes for the Element TV list as per your device model.


How to Program Element TV to Xfinity Universal Remote Manually?

For programming the Xfinity remote, you have to choose the appropriate code from the list of Xfinity remote codes for Element TV mentioned above. After selecting the required Xfinity code, follow these steps.

1. Firstly, switch on your Element TV to program with Xfinity universal remote.


2. Now, on the Xfinity remote, press the “Cod search” button and hold the button for about three seconds till the LED light flashes. Release the button from the Xfinity universal remote after the light flashes.

3. Now, press the corresponding Device button TV on the Xfinity universal remote.

4. Enter the code you chose from the Xfinity remote codes for the Element TV list, and an LED light will flash.


5. If your Xfinity code is correct, the LED will blink to confirm. Finally, hold the Xfinity universal remote in front of your Element TV and press the power button to check the programming. If the Element turns off, programming is successful.

Note: If the Element TV does not respond to the Xfinity remote, choose another code 3 digit from the list of Xfinity remote codes for the Element TV mentioned above and repeat the steps.


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