Comcast Xfinity is the same company but works differently. But Comcast is the parent company of Xfinity. Xfinity is an internet and TV service provider but here we discussed Xfinity tv and its universal remote control. If you want to know about Comcast Xfinity universal remote code then you are at the right place. Here you get all information about Xfinity remote codes. As you crawl down you get tips on “How to Program Xfinity Remote Setup With Comcast Remote Codes”. After that, you get codes that are about your Xfinity remote control. Here you get 2-3 methods to program your remote.

  • Choose your remote control through Xfinity remote setup codes

This step you have to perform initially while “program Xfinity remote”. By this method, you can get your remote type(it is a 3-digit remote control, 4-digit remote control, or 5-digit remote control).

Step1: Switch “ON” your tv along with the “set up” box.

Step2: Now press and hold the “SETUP” button. Till the “RED” light converts into the “GREEN” light. This led light is at top of your remote.

Step3: Enter the universal’s remote control code from your “TV” code search using a tool using your key-pad from your remote control.

Step4: When you enter the “CODE” “GREEN” light blinks “twice” at a time.

Step5: Press and hold down the “POWER” button from your universal remote control. If your tv switches “OFF” it means your code is saved successfully.

Step6: Switch “ON” your tv by press the “POWER” button. If your tv is on then your code is saved successfully saved.

The last step is to perform only to confirm that your code is saved. Don’t skip this method because through this method you will get code for your device. 

  • Pairing in RF mode

Your remote is set for setup radiofrequency.

Step1: Take your remote and put a new set of batteries.

Step2: Switch “ON” your “TV” along with your “ SET-UP” box.

Step3:  Now press and hold the “SETUP” button. Till the “RED” light converts into the “GREEN” light. This led light is at the top of your “Xfinity remote”

Step4: Press and hold the “XFINITY” button from universal remote code.

Step5: Some “code” is the view on your device screen. Enter these codes.

 Step6: Press and hold the “POWER” button from your universal remote control. If your TV turns off, it means your code has been saved successfully.

Switch “ON” your “TV” by the press and hold the “POWER” button. If your TV is on, then your code is saved correctly.

  • Reset your X1 voice remote.

In this method you get tips for factory reset your Xfinity remote.

Step1: Press the “SETUP” button.

Step2: Till the “GREEN” light change in the “RED” light. The LED button present at the top of the Xfinity remote.

Step3: Enter these codes using key-pad of your remote. Codes are “9-8-1”.

Step4: “GREEN” LED light blinks “twice”.

It shows you that your program Comcast remote saved successfully. Now you can enjoy with your  Comcast Xfinity universal remote control.


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Comcast remote codes & Xfinity remote codes:

Vizio 11756 , 11758
Panasonic 10250 , 10051
Sanyo 10159 , 10154
LG 11265 , 10178
Samsung 10060 , 10812
Sony 11100 , 10000
Sharp 10165 , 10093
Toshiba 11156 , 10156