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How can you Program your COX TV Remote without code?



Currently, remote devices are used instead of manual methods for system or functionality control of home entertainment equipment. Commonly certain entertainment-related devices like TV, set-top box, DVD, VCRs,s etc come with dedicated remote control device setups.

But in many cases, instead of using a remote to set up, users look for easy replacements for operating systems for their home entertainment devices. In this case, Cox TV remote works efficiently enough to give users a seamless experience in controlling their favorite devices.

As the programming code and programming methods vary according to the model and version of the Cox TV remote, it becomes quite confusing for the users to program the Cox TV remote with the code with their preferred device. To solve this problem, users of any version or model of Cox TV remote can use the programming method of the Cox TV remote without code.


This article will provide you with complete guidance to learn about How can you Program your COX TV Remote without code.

Note: Programming COX TV Remote does not inspire any complex method. In the presence of very simple guidance and basic details, you can program any version of COX TV Remote with your favorite device without code. Read the rest of the article to know the COX TV Remote without code programming method, tips, and tricks to remember.

Programming Method of COX TV Remote without Programming Code

COX TV Remote is very easy to program so pairing with any device can be done in a very short time. COX TV Remote can be paired in different ways depending on the model of the remote. However, if a user does not have a valid programming code or the user fails to program the COX TV Remote with his desired device by using the programming code, then it is possible to program any desired device with the COX TV Remote without the programming code.


without code COX TV Remote programming is applicable to all models of this remote. So if a user is using any COX TV Remote new or old he can operate the system of his preferred device using the without-code programming method. In this part of the article COX TV Remote without code programming method is explained with simple 5-step guidance.

Step 1. Turn on the specific device you want to program your COX TV Remote with without the code.

i. Remove objects blocking your device’s sensors.

ii. Check the cables and electrical connections of your device.


iii. Turn off all devices already connected to the device.

[Tip: In case you are programming your TV device and your TV device is connected with your Set Top Box and any Audio enhancing device. You will have to turn off both the Audio and set top box devices to ensure there is no mismatch during the transaction of the programming signal.]

Step 2. Get your COX TV Remote ready to use.

i. Check the functionality, usability and efficiency of COX TV Remote.


ii. Ensure battery life of your COX TV Remote.

iii. If necessary, replace the battery or remove the battery once and reset it.

Step 3. Prepare your COX TV Remote for programming with specific devices.

i. Point your COX TV Remote at the specified device so that the device’s sensor can catch your remote’s programming signal.


ii. Press and hold the setup button on the bottom panel of your remote.

iii. When the LED light on your COX TV Remote turns green, you can release the setup button.

Step 4. Perform the final stage of programming your COX TV Remote.

i. Check if the LED light of your COX TV Remote is green.


ii. Press the CH+ or Channel Up button three times while the LED on the COX TV Remote is steady green.

iii. Thus you need to press the CH+ button three times continuously from your COX TV Remote until your desired device turns off.

Step 5. Verify the programming of your COX TV Remote with the specified device.

i. Press the Power button to turn on the programmed device from the front panel of your COX TV Remote.


ii. You can also try to perform basic functions like volume up/down by pointing your COX TV Remote at a specific device.

iii. If you have issues operating basic functions like volume up/down or channel change of your programmed device with your COX TV Remote, you can re-apply the above programming method to ensure a seamless experience.


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