A dedicated receiver helps enhance your home entertainment. In this case, you can get the best experience through Pioneer Receivers. Pioneer Receivers help you get a flexible experience of receiving audio and video signals from multiple sources. But in many cases, you may face problems like signaling or receiver freezing of your Pioneer Receivers. In such a situation you have to reset Pioneer Receivers. Resetting allows you to factory format your Pioneer Receivers and use them in a new format. From this article, you can learn how to reset pioneer receivers to factory settings.

Note: Pioneer Receivers are undoubtedly an excellent option as effective audio and video receiver devices. As a solution to basic issues with using Pioneer Receivers you can perform resetting. But in this case you must perform the rebooting process. If the rebooting method does not resolve the Pioneer Receivers issues then you must perform the resetting process.

Resetting Method of  Pioneer Receivers 

Step 1. “Disconnect any auxiliary devices” connected to your Pioneer Receivers.

[Tip: Devices like TV, DVD, MP3 are marked as auxiliary devices in this case.]

Step 2. “Turn on” your Pioneer Receiver device.

[Tip: In this case, you can use the ON/Standby button on your Pioneer Receiver marked with the Power icon.]

Step 3. Now you have to press the “Enter” and “ON/Standby” button simultaneously from your Pioneer Receiver.

[Tip: You have to keep pressing the two buttons until Reset and No options appear on your display.]

Step 4. At this stage, you have to select the “Reset” option through the Arrow keys present on your Pioneer Receiver and in the next step, click on the “YES” option in the same way.

[Tip: After this the resetting process of your Pioneer Receiver device will start automatically.]

How to reset different models of Pioneer receiver

Pioneer receiver’s resetting method and procedure varies by model. In this section of the article, you can find a complete guide to the process of resetting any model of Pioneer receiver you have.

Pioneer VSX-LX302 factory reset

Factory reset of Pioneer VSX-LX302 does not require the following very complicated resetting method. Usually you can solve general issues of your Pioneer VSX-LX302 by rebooting or power cycling. In this case you have to disconnect your Pioneer VSX-LX302 from its power supply source for 40 to 45 seconds. And again you have to manually turn on your Pioneer VSX-LX302 after 30 minutes by plugging it into the power supply source.

Alternatively, You can also press the ON/STANDBY and ENTER buttons at the same time to bring up the Reset option on your Pioneer VSX-LX302 display. After that, you can start the reset process of your Pioneer VSX-LX302 by clicking on the reset option through the arrow keys present on the front panel of your Pioneer VSX-LX302 and pressing the enter button. Usually it takes 4 minutes to reset Pioneer VSX-LX302 with this method.

How to reset my Pioneer VSX 832

For resetting Pioneer VSX-832 you have to press and hold the AUTO/DIRECT button along with the ON/STANDBY button. With this you can reset the unit switches and settings of your Pioneer VSX-832

Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 Reset Method

Resetting the Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 is a fairly simple procedure. In this case the steps to be followed are mentioned below.

Note: You should take care when resetting the Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 that its multi zone mode is turned off. Also make sure your Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 does not have any auxiliary devices like USB, MP3 and SO on connected.

Step 1. Press the Standby/on button on your Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 with the Enter button.

Step 2. Select Reset option from your Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 by arrow key.

Step 3. Confirm the reset process of your Pioneer receiver VSX 1131 by pressing the Enter button.

How to reset Pioneer VSX 1124 to factory settings

For resetting Pioneer receiver VSX 1124 device you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1. Switch your Pioneer receiver VSX 1124 to standby mode.

Step 2. Press and hold the ENTER and ON/STANDBY buttons from the front panel of your Pioneer receiver VSX 1124.

[Tips: In this case you need to press both buttons for at least 15 seconds.]

Step 3. Select the reset option displayed on your Pioneer receiver VSX 1124 and press the enter button.

[Tips: This will start resetting your Pioneer receiver VSX 1124.]

Factory reset process of Pioneer VSX 90

The resetting process of the Pioneer VSX 90 is quite simple and a short task. Below is a complete guide to reset your Pioneer VSX 90 in just three steps.

Step 1. You put your Pioneer VSX 90 device into standby format.

Step 2. Press the Enter button from the front panel of your Pioneer VSX 90. Simultaneously you have to press the ON/STANDBY button in this case.

Step 3. Select the reset option by using the arrow keys present on the front panel of your Pioneer VSX 90 and press enter.

Pioneer VSX 80 factory reset

For resetting Pioneer VSX 80 you have to follow a specific resetting process. The method to be followed in this case is described in simple four steps.

Step 1. Switch your Pioneer VSX 80 to standby mode by pressing the ON/Standby button of your Pioneer VSX 80.

Step 2. Now simultaneously press and hold the ON/Standby button and Enter button on your Pioneer VSX 80 for at least 15 to 35 seconds.

Step 3. Select the reset option that appears on your Pioneer VSX 80’s display.

Step 4. Press the Enter button to start the resetting process of your Pioneer VSX 80.


What could cause my Pioneer receiver to stop working?

If the power supply of your Pioneer receiver is disconnected or due to circuit malfunction, your Pioneer receiver may stop working. Also a fuse issue in your Pioneer receiver’s circuit can cause all stereo functionality of your Pioneer receiver to stop.

How can I fix my Pioneer receiver?

To resolve issues like general receiver freezing or signal failure, you can turn your Pioneer receiver off and on again. You can also solve such problems with your Pioneer receiver by following the power cycling method. If all stereos stop working due to fuse problems in your Pioneer receiver’s circuit, if resetting doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace your Pioneer receiver’s circuit and fuse.

How do I restart my Pioneer receiver?

In case of reboot/restart of Pioneer receiver, you need to disconnect all types of auxiliary devices connected to your Pioneer receiver first. After that you have to manually unplug your Pioneer receiver from its power source for at least 45 seconds.