Sometimes the sound of the Samsung TV may not work properly by pulling. Turning off the TV for a while may not solve the problem and lead to a pool. If the problem persists, try to find the cause by solving it before returning to the Samsung TV function. Possible problems with speakers, problems with external devices, and cable problems. Thanks to the voice test feature available on many Samsung models, you can check the TV features to fix hardware errors.

Sound Testing

 Many Samsung TVs offer a series of tests that cannot diagnose potential problems. Voice testing is usually performed by pressing the “Menu” button on the TV remote. Then select the “Support”, “Self-diagnosis” and “Language check” buttons. This test reproduces a pleasant melody and sound through the TV speakers. Thus, you can see if the problem is related to the equipment of your TV. If you don’t hear the playback sound during the test, the TV may be damaged. Even if you hear a test ringtone, you still want to solve the problem and find out the cause of the sound problem on Samsung TV.

Speaker Selection

If the speaker selection image is displayed correctly on the screen but there is no sound, the speaker selection setting may also be incorrect. Speaker selection allows you to switch the use of external devices or internal speakers of your Samsung TV to output sound. To view and change the settings for most Samsung TVs, you need to:

Press the Menu button on the TV’s remote control. Select the Voice menu item. Now select “TV Speaker” and switch it “On”.

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Cables that allow your device to exchange data by connecting your Samsung TV to other input and output sources, including cable boxes, receivers, and speakers. Using the wrong cable can cause connection problems that can degrade audio and video quality. For example, if you connect the receiver to a TV using a DVI-HDMI cable, you may need to connect a separate audio cable. If you do not, the sound will disappear or stop when you use the receiver as an input source. The cables required for this connection are different. Therefore, please refer to the device user manual for specific device requirements.

External Hardware

Audio errors can occur due to external hardware problems on equipment connected to a Samsung TV. For example, if an external speaker is connected to the TV and the speaker does not work, you may not hear anything. If necessary, disconnect the speaker and change the sound source setting on the TV to confirm this diagnosis and restore the audio function. See the operating instructions for all connected devices for troubleshooting the device.

Hardware Failure If the hardware troubleshooting tool detects a hardware failure on the Samsung TV, it will try to choose between repairing and replacing the TV. If you decide to repair the TV, the initial or extended warranty purchased with the TV may cover the cost of the repair. For details on repairing your Samsung TV, see the Warranty Information. Depending on the starting date of purchase, the Samsung TV can be returned to the store for a refund or exchange.