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How to Program Soniq Universal Remote without Codes



For controlling your Soniq televisions, here you will get the universal remote codes for all kinds of universal remotes.

If you want to pair Soniq TV with a universal remote then you must try the below codes for programming. However, you can also Program Soniq Universal Remote without Codes which are explained below.

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Each universal remote code is passed through the scanning process in the auto-search technique.

It scans one code at one particular time and checks the right working code for programming the universal remote. The instructional steps are as follows:

Step-1 Primarily, you need to turn on the device (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.) with which you will use the universal remote.


Step-2 Turn the remote on and click on the gadget button for about three seconds. The flashing LED light on the remote indicates the gadget is ready to program.

Step-3 Aim the remote control to the device. Press the CH+ and CH- buttons. Now, the remote will display on/off signals on the device screen. Continuously, tap on the up or down buttons until your appliance turns off.

Step-4 You have to confirm the code by pressing the power button. The appliance should turn on. If it begins, change the channels to confirm the remote’s programming condition.


Step-5 Click the gadget button to save the code. The LED light of the gadget will blink two times to verify the code storage.

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