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How to Factory Reset Your Roku: Step-by-Step Guide



To maintain your home entertainment you need to use different control remotes to operate certain devices. You can control the functionality of different entertainment streaming platforms simultaneously with Roku.

You may need to perform a factory reset for programming with multiple streaming platforms or to fix performance issues/glitches with Roku. A factory reset allows you to return your Roku device to its factory setup The article teaches you how you can factory reset your Roku device through two simple methods.

Note: Roku can be a hassle-free option for you to manage multiple entertainment streaming platforms. Check out the next part of the article to learn about two easy methods to factory reset a Roku device.


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How to Factory Reset Your Roku

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Factory reset your Roku using System Settings

Phase 1. You need to “make sure the Roku remote is paired with your specific Roku device” in this phase. Pair the Roku remote with the Roku device by following the steps below.


i. Open the back cover of your Roku remote.

ii. After removing the back cover of the Roku remote you will see a small button.

iii. Press and hold the Roku’s backside button to start pairing.


[Tips: In this step, you need to press the specified button for 5 seconds.]

iv. The green light on your Roku remote will blink indicating your Roku device pairing is complete.

Phase 2. In this phase, you need to “turn on your Roku device”. In this case, you can follow the following steps.


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i. Turn on your Roku device manually.

[Tips: In this case, you need to make sure that the white light of your Roku device is on.]


ii. If you don’t see the white light on your Roku device flashing, you can press the red power button on your Roku remote on the scaler.

iii. If after this the white light on your Roku device still doesn’t turn on, then you can check if the electrical and cable connections with your Roku device are working properly.

Phase 3. “Turn on” your TV device.


[Tips: In this case you need to use your TV’s specific remote to turn on your TV.]

Phase 4. “Connect your TV” to your “Roku device”. In this case you have to follow the following instructions.

i. Press the Input button on your TV remote and scroll until the specific Roku device name appears.


ii. If you don’t see the Roku device option on your TV screen, you need to check the connection cable between your Roku device and your TV.

Phase 5. Reach the “Roku home screen”.

[Tips: In this case, you need to press the arrow with the house symbol on your Roku remote.]


Phase 6. Select the “Settings option” from the “Main menu” present on the Roku home screen.

Phase 7. Select the “System option” under Settings.

Phase 8. Select the “Advanced System Settings option” from the System Options.


Phase 9. Now you have to select the “Factory Reset option”  in this phase.

Phase 10. Enter the “resetting code” that appears on the “right side of your screen” using the numeric buttons on your Roku remote.

[Tips: Entering the correct code will indicate your Roku factory reset has been performed.]


Reset your Roku with the hard reset button

Step 1. Locate the button labelled “Reset” on the back of your Roku device.

[Tips: The reset button is pin sized and is located next to the cable port.]

Step 2. Press and hold the reset button on your Roku device.


[Tips: In this case you need to press and hold the hard reset button for at least 20 seconds.]

Step 3: After 10 seconds of pressing the reset button, the resetting process of your Roku device will start.


i. How do I know if my Roku device needs to be reset?

Frequent issues with the performance of your Roku device such as glitches, lagging or freezing indicate the need for a factory reset of your device.


ii. Is it possible to reset the Roku device manually?

Yes, you can manually reset your Roku device by using the Hard Reset button.

iii. What is the most effective method to reset a Roku device?

Resetting the Roku device through the system settings is a lengthy process, but it is relatively effective.

iv. How to check the TV connection with a Roku device?

You can check the functionality and connectivity of the HDMI cable connecting the Roku device to your TV.


v. Which remote should be used to operate the Roku device reset process using System Settings?

When using System Settings you will need to use the Roku remote to operate the resetting process on your Roku device.

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