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roku tv codes

TCL Roku tv remote codes & Program Guide



 ProvidersCodes for TCL TVs
Verizon FIOS180
Cox Communications  1756, 11756, 12434
Altice USA
(Optimum/ Suddenlink/Cablevision)
1111, 0821, 0001, 3411, 3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561
AT&T DirecTV  11756, 10706
Comcast Cable  (Xfinity)  11756, 12434, 12290, 12292
DISH Satellite TV  1756, 535, 645
Charter (Spectrum)11756
ATT U-verse  1346, 12434
RCA/Voxx    11756, 12434,387, 12049
Time Warner (Spectrum)  387, 1566, 268
Bright House Cable1756
Buckeye Broadband 12434, 2434
Cable One (branded as Sparklight)  2434 
CenturyLink 2414, 2434, 3183
Frontier Communications 688
Google Fiber 2856
Hawaiian Telcom 2434
GE Universal Remote
Model 24922
TiVo  0091, 0366
Windstream 2414, 2434, 3183
Inteset INT-422  10885
Microsoft Xbox One  T1756

For coding of Roku tv remote, we have to do a pairing of Roku remote with Roku tv. I suggest you follow these steps were easy :

How to Access Roku Remote Device

Step- 1: Place a new pack of batteries into your Roku remote device.

Step- 2: Ensure that your Roku tv is switched on and handle your remote close to your Roku tv .time of pairing your Roku remote should be very close to Roku tv.


Step- 3 : Now on the “home ”window, scroll now after you see the option of “setting” go and click on it.

Step- 4 : Choose the Roku remote.

Step- 5: On the other window you get the detail about the Roku remote which is paired with Roku tv.


Step- 6: Click on the right-side button you get on other pages of your Roku tv in this page instruction given” how to control Roku remote tv”.

How to Access “Roku Universal Remote Codes” for Roku TV Rca:

Switch on Roku tv, pressing the same buttons on your Roku tv remote.

Step- 1: after following the above step, the on/off button will remain on, and on press the device button and on/off, the button is the same.


Step- 2: thereafter releases both the button of on/off.

Step-3: by clicking the play button on your remote. your device must have to respond in 3 to 5seconds.

Step-4: if your Roku tv doesn’t respond then you have to keep pressing the play button every 4 seconds until your device turns off.


Step-5: then “switch on” your device by pressing and releasing the “reverse” button and then press the “stop” button for saving the new programming. New coding for the Roku remote tv:

Step-6: Take out your remote battery and note version of your remote.

Step-7: switch on your Roku tv and pressing the “setup” button on your remote.


Step-8: Remote indicating “red “light then you have to release by pressing the “device” button and then it asks you to enter three or four-digit code.

Step-9: If you enter the right code then indicating “red” light would be turned off.

Step-10: By pressing the “power” button to switch off your Roku tv will off then your code is successful.


Accessing RCA universal remote code:

For this, you have to do a pairing of your Roku tv with your Roku remote. follow these step easy code for RCA universal remote code are as follows:

Step-1: Inspect your  Roku remote code RCA universal from the company’s site.

Step-2: Power the Roku screen, and press the remote code search button for a long time.


Step-3: Keep pressing the code “search” button and rewrite the code that you get from the company’s site.

Step-4: The indicating “red” should not flash.

Step-5: Keep trying to use the Roku tv remote and check that you can access your “RCA universal remote code “.


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