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Onkyo Universal Remote Codes & Program Onkyo Remote



Do you want to Program Onkyo Remote to operate your TV or other devices? And you didn’t get any solution. Here we have a solution, you have to program your universal remote control.

For you need some things that are programming instructions as well as Onkyo universal remote codes.

So, here you get a solution to your problem. For the programming methods and “Onkyo Universal Remote Codes”, you have to keep reading the articles.


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Onkyo TV Program codes for One for All remote


Onkyo TV Program codes for Philips remote


How to Program Onkyo Remote:

There are lots of programming methods and Onkyo remote codes on other sites are available. But they couldn’t clearly deliver the method to you. So, here we clearly describe to you how to program your Onkyo universal remote control.


Program Onkyo Universal Remote By “CODE SEARCH METHOD”:

Step 1: Switch on the device to program with Onkyo universal remote control.

Step 2: You can clearly see the “SETUP” button on the universal remote control you have to press and hold it also.

Step 3: You have to apply this code “9-9-1”. It is a special code through which your remote control goes into search mode. And find the best “Onkyo remote codes” for your device.


Step 4: Hold the “POWER” button as well as the “CH+” button also. Hold these buttons until your device is turned off.

This method takes time but it is very helpful. Through this method, you can get your “KEYCODES”.

If your remote control is not programmed still then you can switch to our other method. Which is given below.


Program Onkyo Universal Remote By “MANUAL METHOD”:

If you used the “CODE SEARCH METHOD” earlier then you get a “KEYCODE”. That code you have to apply in this method to program your remote control.

Step 1: Please check whether your device is “ON” or not.

Step 2: You can easily get the “TV” button on your Onkyo tv universal remote control. Please tap on the button.


Step 3: After pressing the “TV” button you have to tap on the “SETUP” button or hold the “SETUP” button.

You can see the LED light is blinking. It’s a message, now you have to start entering the “KEYCODES”.    

Step 4: Apply “KEYCODES”. If you didn’t get the “KEYCODE” then you get the codes here.


Step 5: Hold the “POWER” button again to save the codes perfectly for your device.

Release the “POWER” button device screen turned black. After a few minutes “ON” your device and try to change the channel or volume.

If your Onkyo universal remote control is able to change the volume or channel. Then it confirms your universal remote control is compatible with your device.


Onkyo 4 Digit Remote Codes:

1809 1808

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