The Altice One gateway router doubles as a TV box, allowing you to watch Optimum TV (Sudden Link) and surf the web with a single device. You won’t have any problem navigating to any of your content once you’ve reached its clean home page. Whether through one of the numerous streaming applications, such as Netflix or YouTube, your DVR recordings, live TV schedule, or on-demand titles, you’ll have easy access to anything you own.

If this is the first gateway you have ever purchased for your home, you will be eligible for a complimentary Optimum Altice Remote. However, for this router to be compatible with your television set, you will need to configure it in a certain way.

The following is a list of TV codes for some of the most well-known brands that may or may not work with your Altice remote:









To program an Altice remote to a television, the following steps need to be completed in sequence:

  • Turn on your television, and then look in the manual included with your Altice remote control to get the brand-specific code for your set-top box. After doing so, restart your television.
  • Check whether the red indicator light at the top of the Altice remote continues to illuminate when you press and hold the “TV” button on the remote.
  • You may input the TV’s code using the remote control’s number buttons to make the appropriate selections. If the code you are entering includes a “0,” you will need to press the “0” button twice to enter the code correctly.
  • You must hit the button on the Altice remote that is labeled “Power.” The program is well received if the audience leaves with their televisions on. If the tv still doesn’t turn off, you will need to go through the process again using the following code for your specific television brand. If you still need help getting the tv to turn off, call the manufacturer for more assistance.
  • If you have already tried all of the codes listed for your TV brand and can still not make the Altice remote operate with your TV, you may use the “Auto Search” strategy instead. This is an option if you have already tried all the codes mentioned for your TV brand. 
  • Using the Altice remote control, press the “TV” button until the red light at the top of the remote continues to glow. This will accomplish what you want. After that, you must depress the “Power” button before releasing your grip. After an automated search for the appropriate button, the Altice remote control will turn off the television when it recognizes the correct code.
  • If the “Auto Search” method does not provide the outcomes you are looking for, you will probably want further assistance, and it will be necessary to get in touch with Altice customer support.

This list needs to be completed, and other codes may be compatible with the TV you use with your Altice remote. If none of the principles presented above are successful, you may give the “Auto Search” approach a go to locate the appropriate code for your TV. To do this, use the Altice remote control and push and hold the “TV” button until the red light at the top of the remote continues to illuminate. 

After that, you must push and let go of the “Power” button. When it detects the proper code, the Altice remote will automatically power off the television after searching for it. If you need help linking the Altice remote to your television, contact Altice’s customer support to get more help.