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Do you require remote control codes for your APEX television? In this section, you will find a list of all known and working remote codes that will work with APEX televisions, audio components, VCRs, and other APEX products. The remote codes for APEX are four- and five-digit codes, respectively. When programmed according to the instructions in the remote’s user manual, the remote codes will function with any universal remote control. Besides APEX TV remotes, the APEX TV codes will also function with SAT and CABLE remotes. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the APEX TV remote codes not working, please post your query below along with the model number of the remote and the APEX TV.

When you use the remote codes listed below, you will need to set the remote to work with your television before using it. Details on how to programme your remote to operate with your television may be found below.

Codes For APEX TV’s Remote Control


How to set your remote to operate with your television is detailed below…

APEX TV Four-Digit Remote Control Codes-


Remote Control Code for APEX Audio Components-


Remote Control Code for APEX VCR-


Instructions for Programming an Apex Remote Control

Numerous Apex devices, including televisions and DVD players, may be controlled remotely. When the remote control is lost or broken, controlling the gadget becomes more difficult, as the user is obliged to walk to the device to utilise it. Rather than attempting to locate a replacement remote control, you may purchase an Apex universal remote. In comparison to other universal remote controls, Apex remote controls are exclusive to Apex goods.

Step 1 Power on the device you’re programming the Apex universal remote control to.

Step 2 Press and hold the “Setup” button and the device button with which you wish to manage your component until the indicator light on the device button illuminates.

Step 3 For programming codes, consult the Apex universal remote control instructions. The codes are organised alphabetically by brand name.

 Step 4 Scan the component with the remote control and input the first code from the list. The gadget should now be switched off. If the device does not shut down automatically, continue entering codes from the list until one of them works and the device shuts down.

Step 5 By hitting the “Setup” button, you can save the setting to your remote control. The indication light will be extinguished. You may now use the device using your remote control.

Step 6 Repeat steps 1–5 to programme the remote control for the remaining devices.