Viewing a blank screen on your TV or any Samsung television is definitely e a situation to talk about. A blank screen can be caused by several factors. In some cases, there is a possibility that you can troubleshoot or fix this problem at your home itself. However, sometimes a blank screen leads to a need for professional service since it indicates that your television is dead. So let’s see how we can fix this problem with a professional service.

Fixable causes

If the screen of the Samsung TV is blank or unresponsive firstly you should check the connections between the television and the power source like the cable box or the DVD player and the other auxiliary devices. Loose connections between these can lead to inactive power which frequently is the culprit behind the unresponsive order TV.

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So first determine all these connections are secured and then turn on the television. However, if the power is on but the screen of the television is still blank then press the menu button on the remote. As soon as the menu appears on your TV then the television is fine in working order but if there is a problem then the menu screen will not be available. So the problem is something to do with the source such as cable box DVD player or computer.

It could happen that your TV might be set on the wrong input. The source might not be powered up or the connecting cable between the two devices can be faulty. For that, you need to press the source button on the remote to see the inputs first. And now plug-in devices to test for video or try a different cable to connect the source with the power to the TV.

It happens sometimes that the TV sleep timer could be activated and cause causing a tribute to turn off randomly so always check the sleep timer settings in your television setup menu.

Other causes

Well if the above causes are not fixable then there is something wrong with your TV that can only be repaired by the professional service.

One of the common problems with the Samsung television is the capacitor inside the TV. Television sets with this particular problem and not able to power properly. Instead, they show red standby light flickers and the television itself emits a clicking sound. It can also happen that television is on a. of from 30 Seconds of 5 minutes to half-hour.

So in this case you should definitely seek a professional service or call Samsung customer care to register the complaint and make your television fixed by the technical executive as soon as possible.

If you have Run all the tests check all the ports in ensuring that your TV is plugged with the power button but still you are unable to fix it on your TV screen is black, then you will easily request a free service and repair. However, repairing a Samsung TV can definitely get quite costly depending on the age and condition of it TV the best option might be to upgrade to a new television.

So what are you waiting for just visit the electronic store and buy a new Samsung TV or visit us online on the Samsung official website and make a Samsung TV totally yours and enjoy life.