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Dish Network 5.3 IR Remote Programming & Guide



If you have Dish Network, you know that this company uses its digital box to broadcast high-definition television and movies in your home.

When you set up your dish network, a technician might come to your house and arrange all your equipment. Your remote network device might work with your set-top box that controls the entertainment that enters your home.

However, this remote control can also be used with your TV and other devices connected to you.


Dish Network Remote Programming

You can program your 5.3 IR remote control to work with most of your electronic devices.

Step-1 Turn on the device you want to program your Dish Network 5.3 IR remote. If you want to program other devices, make sure only the device you are programming is activated and all other devices are deactivated.

Step- 2 Using brand names, look up the code list for your device. You can find this in the IR 5.3 manual that came with your Dish Network device during installation. Depending on the device, these codes can consist of three or four digits. Write down all the codes for a particular brand, because you might have to try a few for remote 5.3 IR to function correctly.


Step- 3 Press and hold the mode button for the device you want to program on the remote. If you program a device that has no specific input, use the AUX button. Press and hold the button until all mode buttons light and light.

Step- 4 Enter the first three or four digit code using the numeric keys on the bottom of the remote control 5.3 IR. With each button, the mode indicator must light and light throughout the process.

Step-5 After entering the code, press the hash button. When your device has received the code you entered, the corresponding button on the device will blink three times. In this case, try to control the product with a remote control. When every function is functioning properly, you are ready.


Step- 6 If the device does not respond fully, repeat the process with a different code until you find the code that works with your device.

Step- 7 If the code does not work, enter 000 code to start the power scan mode. Press and release the Up button several times until the mode indicator blinks three times. Test the remote control again. If you don’t have all the features, continue scanning for resources until you find the code that works.


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