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dish network remote codes

Dish Network Panasonic TV Codes & Programming Guide



Using a universal remote control is an easy way to streamline your home entertainment system. If you have a Dish Network universal remote control and an Panasonic TV, you might be seeking the correct programming codes to easily operate your television.

In this manual, we will give you a list of Dish Network Panasonic TV Codes frequently used with Dish Network universal remotes. 

With the help of Dish network remote control, you can easily set up and operate your Panasonic TV without having to juggle several remotes. Also, you will find the programming methods in the step-by-step format which are easy to perform once you have the correct device code.


So, go through this blog post and find the solution to program your smart Insignia TV with the Dish remote control.

Dish Network Panasonic TV Codes

Dish Network Program Codes: Find the Right Code for Your Device

If you wish to program your Panasonic TV with the Dish Network remote control, get the programming codes in the below list. From the below-mentioned Panasonic TV codes, you have to search for a perfect code for setting up the Dish Network remote control.


After receiving the code, you can perform the programming of your Panasonic TV.

AE1723, 746
AG3512, 876, 780, 811, 577, 508, 784, 765
CT200554, 002
CT300554, 002
CX400554, 002
CX500554, 002
DX30002, 005, 1946
DX35002, 005, 1946
DX500834, 727
DX600834, 727
EX2718, 002
EX3554, 002
EX6718, 002
EX7718, 002
EZ200554, 002
EZ300554, 002
EZ500554, 002
EZ550554, 002
EZ700554, 002
EZ800554, 002
FZ1718, 002
FZ2512, 876, 780, 811, 577, 508, 784, 765
FZ3718, 002
FZ5718, 002
GZ20554, 002
GZ25738, 002
HZ1718, 002
HZ2554, 002
TH1554, 002
TH2554, 002
TH3512, 876, 780, 811, 577, 508, 784, 765
TH4554, 002
TX20554, 002
TX250035, 0154, 0508, 0156, 0070, 0243, 0145
TX300035, 0154, 0508, 0156, 0070, 0243, 0145
TX40554, 002
TX50554, 002
TX60554, 002
V10554, 002
V11554, 002
V20554, 002
V21554, 002
V30554, 002
V31554, 002
V32554, 002
V40554, 002
V50554, 002
V51554, 002
V52554, 002
V60554, 002

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