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dish network remote codes

Dish Remote Codes for Vizio TVs + Programming Guide 



Dish Network provides a wide range of remote controls, including Dish Network Remote Codes for TV models. These remotes offer convenient control over your Dish Network receiver, TV, and other devices. However, programming these remotes can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

3 Digit Dish Network Remote Codes for TV

The 3-digit remote codes are specific codes that correspond to different brands and models of TVs and other devices. By entering the correct code, you can program your remote to control these devices.

Dish Network Panasonic TV Codes & Programming Guide


Dish Remote Codes for Samsung TV

SamsungA450/A455738, 002, 500
SamsungA650/A655554, 002
SamsungAE700718, 002
SamsungAG7/AG8554, 002

Dish Network Remote Code For LG

CT20/CT25/CT300054, 002
CY10/CY11554, 002

Dish Network Remote Codes for Tv for All Brands

TV BrandModelCode
AkaiAll Models119, 125, 156, 157
AlbaAll Models128, 141, 142
ApexAll Models002, 005, 007
Bang & OlufsenBeoVision 1-XL124
BlaupunktAll Models106, 108
BushAll Models005, 141, 142
ChanghongAll Models002, 005, 1946
ChinonAll Models129
ClarionAll Models108
ConvoyAll Models106, 108
CraigAll Models042, 089, 109
CyberhomeAll Models102, 116, 124
DaewooAll Models002, 005, 1946
EmersonAll Models002, 005, 1946
FisherAll Models002, 005, 007
FunaiAll Models002, 005, 1946
General ElectricAll Models002, 005, 1946
GoldstarAll Models002, 005, 1946
GrundigAll Models042, 089, 109
Grundig-MajesticAll Models002, 005, 007
Harmonic DimensionAll Models002, 005, 1946
HitachiAll Models042, 089, 109
HyundaiAll Models002, 005, 1946
JVCAll Models002, 005, 1946
KitchenAidAll Models124
LGAll Models002, 005, 1946
MagnavoxAll Models002, 005, 007
MarantzAll Models002, 005, 007
MitsubishiAll Models002, 005, 1946
NECAll Models002, 005, 007
OlympusAll Models002, 005, 1946
PanasonicAll Models002, 005, 1946
PhilipsAll Models002, 005, 1946
PioneerAll Models002, 005, 1946
RCAAll Models002, 005, 1946
SanyoAll Models042, 089, 109
SharpAll Models002, 005, 1946
SonyAll Models002, 005, 1946
ToshibaAll Models002, 005, 1946
YamahaAll Models002, 005, 1946
ZenithAll Models002, 005, 007

Easy Setup Guide

To program your Dish Network 3-digit remote, follow these steps, Once you have the correct 3-digit TV code for your television, follow these simple steps to program your Dish Network remote:

  1. Step-1 Turn on your TV manually.
  2. Step-2 Point the Dish Network remote at your TV.
  3. Step-3 Press and hold the TV button on the remote until all the other mode buttons (e.g., SAT, AUX) light up.
  4. Step-4 Enter the 3-digit TV code for your brand using the number pad on the remote.
  5. Step-5 Press the # button.
  6. Step-6 Check if the TV turns off. If it does, the code is correct.
  7. Test other functions like volume and channel control to ensure everything works.

By following these steps, you’ll have successfully programmed your Dish Network remote control to work with your TV using a 3-digit code.


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