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How to Get Toshiba Remote to AT&T U-Verse Remote Code



Are you seeking for the codes to connect your Toshiba remote to your AT&T u-verse remote? If yes, you may rely on us. You have access to a full collection of codes as well as a programming strategy here at your disposal. Join us in our quest to find your knowledge if you too have an interest in gaining all of these different types of information.

The following are the remote control codes for your AT&T u-verse remote to work with your Toshiba remote. You will need to programme the remote control for your cable or satellite box so that it will operate your Toshiba television. It is possible to programme a universal remote control for cable or satellite television to also operate the remote for your Toshiba television.

Find your service provider and remote control in the list that follows, and then use the TV code that has been provided to configure the remote control. Get instructions by getting in touch with the company that provides your cable or satellite service.


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AT&T U-Verse: How to Connect a Toshiba Remote to the System

Users of AT&T U-verse are able to control their existing TVs, video players, and surround sound systems using the same remote that is used for AT&T U-verse. If you have a Toshiba remote and an AT&T U-verse remote, you can operate your Toshiba television by connecting the two remotes together and using the AT&T U-verse remote alone. On the AT&T website, you will find a number of codes that are known to work with Toshiba equipment. However, you also have the option to search for a code manually in the case that an established code does not work. A silver remote is included with previous U-verse receiver models, whereas a black remote is included with current versions. The method of programming your remote might be somewhat different depending on the kind of remote you have.

Making Attempts to Enter a Code Using a Black Remote

  1. Turn on your television and aim the remote towards the item you want to control.
  2. While simultaneously pressing and holding the “TV” and “Enter” buttons, wait for the buttons on your remote to begin flashing.
  3. While holding down the “Scan/FF” button, continually press other buttons until the Toshiba TV power off. In the event that the TV shuts off, you may turn it back on by pressing the “Power” button, and then you can save your settings by using the “Enter” button.

While Using a Black Remote, One Must Enter a Code

1. To make the remote’s keys flash, press and hold the “TV” button until they do.

2. After pressing the “Power” button, enter one of the following four-digit codes: 1010, 1098, 1104, 1147, 1148, 1149, 1150, 1151, 1173, 1174, 1210, 1215, 1256, 1257, 1263, 1267, 1302, 1311, 1312, 1322, 1332, 1343, 1375, or 1376. The TV will then switch off. Before inputting a new code, you need to repeat Step 1.


3. Turn the TV back on by pressing the “Power” button again, and then save your adjustments by pressing it again.

Using a Silver Remote, I Am Attempting to Find a Code

1. Power on your Toshiba television and direct the remote control for your U-verse service to the device.

2. While holding down the “TV” button, concurrently press and release the “OK” button until the mode keys flash twice.


3. Within the next ten seconds, enter “922” on the number pad, and then hit and immediately release the “Play” button.

4. While holding down the “FF” button, continually press it until the TV power off button appears. After turning the TV back on by using the “Power” button, you can then save the code to your smartphone by pressing the “Enter” button.

Utilizing a Silver Remote, One Must Enter a Code

1. Power on the television from Toshiba and position the remote control so that it is facing the device.


2. While holding down the “TV” button, concurrently press and release the “OK” button until the mode keys flash twice.

3. Within the next ten seconds, enter one of the following codes: 1006, 1045, 1058, 1073, 1079, 1085, 1093, 1116, 1154, 1158, 1159, 1175, 1252, 1267, 1281, 1282, 1283, 1284, 1286, 1293, 1294, 1313, 1315, 1319, 1338, 1377, or 1473. 4.

4. To verify the correctness of the code, press the “Power” button. If the TV shuts off, pressing “Power” once again will turn it back on. If it does not, you will need to continue the procedure until you find the correct code.


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