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AT&T U-Verse Remote Codes for Vizio TVs: Control Your TV with Ease



AT&T U-Verse and Vizio TVs are two popular brands that work well together. But what if you don’t have the AT&T U-Verse remote codes for your Vizio TV? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily program your AT&T U-Verse remote to control your Vizio TV, so you can start enjoying all of your favorite features and content.

To begin, select the appropriate Att U-Verse Remote Codes for the Vizio Remote from the list.

Complete List of Vizio Codes for Uverse Remote

This section contains a list of Vizio TV remote codes compatible with the ATT U-Verse universal remote control.


These codes make it simple to pair the ATT U-Verse remote with the Vizio TV. To configure the ATT U-verse universal remote, you must first choose an acceptable code and then follow the on-screen instructions.

What Are the Rca Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV


How to Program Uverse Remote to TV

All you have to follow uverse remote instructions:


Step-1 With your television turned on, use your att uverse remote to select Menu.

Step-2 Navigate to Help > Information > Remote Control Configuration.

Step-3 Next, select your remote control from the on-screen list of available remote controls. Consult your unique remote for setup options for your television/device.


Step-4 Select Top Ten Brand Configuration, Automatic Code Configuration, or Manual Configuration.

How do I locate my misplaced uverse remote?

If you lose your remote control, all you have to do is press the AT globe labelled FIND on the Base Station. The remote will make a noise and flash to alert you to the location of your misplaced remote control.

How do I programme my AT remote to work with my cable box?

This is how:


Step-1 Launch AT TV on your television device.

Step-2 Select Settings, followed by System.

Step-3Choose Remote & Devices, followed by Program Your Remote.


Step-4 Select the manufacturer of the television or sound bar you wish to add.

Step-5 Complete the task by following the prompts.


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