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How to Program Lg Remote to Philips Bluray Player Using Code



You will need the LG Blu-Ray universal remote codes in order to use a universal remote to control your Philips Blu-Ray player. This page has a listing of a decent number of universal remote codes that may be used with your Philips Blu-Ray player. In the event that you attempt one of the codes and it does not work, please try one of the other codes. Typically, the code consists of four digits.

To access the television menu, use the “TV” button on your Philips Blu-Ray Player. Now, press and hold the “Setup button” on the LG remote until you see the “Light Flash” indicator. This indicates that the remote is now in “Learning mode.” In the end, you will need to input the “Keycode” that you obtained from the programming instructions (Instructions Booklet). Learn how to operate your Philips Blu-ray player with LG remote, as well as how to update, manage, and troubleshoot them.

Philips Universal Remote Codes For LG Blu Ray Player


Lg Blu Ray Player Remote Codes : 3 Digit


Lg Blu Ray Player Remote Codes : 4 Digit


How to Program an LG Remote to Play Blu-rays Purchased from Philips

The latest models of LG TVs are equipped with inputs that can accommodate almost every kind of player, component, or source imaginable. In addition, the majority of LG TVs come with a universal remote that can be used to manage not just the television itself but also the many components that are connected to it. Therefore, if you connected a Philips Blu-ray player to your LG TV, you can use the television remote to operate the device as well as other sources. This is because the television remote can control multiple devices at once.


Utilizing the Code Search Tool

Step 1: If you haven’t previously done so, turn on both the LG television and the Phillips Blu-ray player.

Step 2: If your LG remote control has a dedicated DVD button, press that button now. Alternately, you may light up the LED below the DVD label on the top of the LG remote by repeatedly pressing the “Mode” button. This can be done by pressing the button a few times.


Step 3: To begin programming the remote, put it into programming mode by simultaneously pressing the “Power” and “Mute” buttons.

Step 4: To switch off the Phillips Blu-ray player, continually press the “CH+” button until the power button appears. Simply save and save the Phillips Blu-ray player’s programming code by pressing the “Exit” button when prompted to do so.

Step 5: Press the “Mode” button once more until the LED indicator for the DVD lights up. To restart the Phillips Blu-ray player, you need to press the “Power” button located on the remote control. You may use the Phillips Blu-ray player regularly using the remote control from LG.


Manually Entering the Code

Step 1: Power up both the television from LG and the Blu-ray player from Phillips.

Step 2: Press the “DVD” or “Mode” button until the LED that is located just underneath the DVD label at the top of the remote begins to light up.

Step 3: To enter programming mode on the LG remote, hold down the “Mute” button while pressing the “Power” button at the same time.


Step 4: By pressing “013” using the remote’s number pad, you may change the channel. The Blu-ray player made by Phillips powers down.

Step 5: To save the programming code for the Phillips Blu-ray player, press the “Exit” key on the remote control.



The LG remote, right? Does it work with the Blu-ray player?

Everything from a smartphone or tablet to a personal computer and, of course, a Blu-ray player, home theatre system, or sound bar may be connected, which may come as a pleasant surprise. Launch the programme by hitting the “Home” button on the Magic Remote.

My LG TV comes with a remote; can I use it to operate other electronics?

Your magic remote may be used to operate other household electronics that utilise the same protocol. If you have a set-top box, a home theatre system, and a sound bar, you may use a single remote control for all of them.

Is there any way to get an LG remote to control a Philips TV?

This universal remote is meant to be used in lieu of the original LG remote and has shortcut buttons for common LG electronics including TVs, Blu-ray players, and stereos.


Is it possible to use any brand of TV with an LG remote?

All LG TV models, including LCD, LED, and Plasma, may be controlled by the LG TV Replacement remote.

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