As we all know most electronic gadgets are controlled by remote only. When you buy a new Television, you will be given a remote controller, and if the remote is lost or damaged, you can replace it with a universal remote control.

The best thing about this universal remote is, it can control your multiple devices. To program your device with this universal remote, you need programming codes. The codes are 3, 4, or 5 Digits based on your device brand. All the codes are listed here.

Samsung Remote Code List

Here, we have listed all the Samsung TV remote code lists, there are many codes available for Samsung universal remote control, and you can find all the codes in this article. Well, the below codes are listed, with brand names. Select based on your device brand.

Samsung TV GE Universal Remote Codes

0012, 007,7 0015, 0358, 0009, 0085, 0942, 0076, 0004,
0005, 0080, 0109, 0172, 0007, 0104, 0105, 0106

Rca Universal Remote Code for Samsung TV

1015, 1012, 1124, 1004, 1194, 1078, 1207 1025, 1102, 1056,
1065, 1013, 1123, 1104, 1009, 1205, 1103, 1014, 1083, 1069, 1046,

Samsung TV Code for Onn Universal Remote

0106, 0012, 2355, 1773, 3528, 2481, 0007, 4108, 0172, 2482, 0104, 4111 1957,

Directv Universal Remote Code for Samsung TV


Samsung 3 Digit Remote Codes

The 3 Digit codes for Samsung universal remote are available here. you just need to select one code that matches with your device and enter it on your device using programming procedure and ensure that you have chosen the correct code and program it well.


Samsung 4 Digit Remote Codes

The Universal remote codes for Samsung TV are listed here. These 4 Digit remote codes can be useful for you when 3 Digit code does not work. When one of the codes is not working with your device, you can try using a different code till you get the right one.


Samsung 5 Digit Remote Codes

When 3 and 4 Digit codes do not work, you can go with these 5 Digit remote codes. All the codes in this article are tested and in working mode. So, don’t worry about using different codes. when you have selected the right code you need to program it correctly and for that, we have discussed the programming method also, in the below section.


How to Setup A Universal Remote Control ON A Samsung TV

First, you need to select your device code from the above Samsung TV remote code list to control your Samsung TV with the universal remote. Then, you need to follow the below steps effectively for programming. Let us learn how to program it.

To set up a Samsung TV universal remote, you need to follow some easy steps. And the steps are

  1. Click on the MENU button on your universal remote control.
  2. After the Menu button, now select SYSTEM
  3. Next, You have to go to the DEVICE MANAGER
  4. And select a universal remote setup. 
  5. Now, follow the instructions carefully that will be shown on Television.

How to Program A Universal Remote To A Samsung TV Without Codes

When you don’t have codes or all the codes are not acceptable on your device then, you can use this without using the code method. This is also a simple and easy method, you just need to follow the instructions carefully to program your universal remote for your TV device.

  1. For programming, first, you need to SWITCH ON your device, you want to control with universal remote
  2. Press and hold on to the CODE SEARCH button on the remote control until the flashlight turns on and release the button.
  3. Click and hold the device button. If your device is a TV then, tap on the TV button, for DVD tap on the DVD button on the remote.
  4. And the light will blink once the light remains lit, then release the device button.
  5. Point the remote to the device and press the ON\OFF button 
  6. When the component turns off, click on the enter button.
  7. You need to click ENTER within 3 seconds, if you take extra time, the remote will send another code available in the list and you have to do it all over again.
  8. Now, make use of that code to find out the code for your device for further reference.

That’s all, the process has been done perfectly. You can control your device with a universal remote, and if you have any issues, you can tell us, we will help you. Hopefully, this article helps you to find your codes.