To handle your Samsung TV, you need a Samsung remote if in case you lost the Samsung remote or you want to replace it, you can choose Att U-verse remote control as it would be the best option for you.

Well, you need a programming code to activate your Samsung TV with this Att U-verse.

So, in this article we have given U-verse Samsung remote code list, the codes are working. We have tested all the codes before listing.

Along with the codes we have discussed how to program them. Well, if you find this interesting, read it out and it will help you for sure. 

At&t U-verse Samsung Remote Codes

 We have listed all the U Verse Samsung remote codes, for all brands and models. From that U-verse remote code list, pick one code of your brand and model and enter it, using the manual method.

When you enter the right code a light will blink and if you enter the wrong code you can use another code. 

1084 1047

4 Digit Codes for A10 Devices

0105 0106

5 Digit Code

10766 11959

AT&T U-verse A30 remotes

13382 12051

The complete list of Att U-verse remote codes for Samsung TV is listed. So, don’t worry, you can select your code from this article, and if your code is not listed here or you have any confusion, you can comment below, and we will clear your doubts as much as we can.

How to Program Att U-Verse Remote To Samsung TV

In this programming remote to Samsung TV we have 3 methods to discuss. The methods are 1. With code search method 2. Without using code 3. Auto code search method. When one method does not work, you can use another method to program the U-verse remote control to your Samsung smart TV. So, without further delay, let us start discussing 

How you can Program Universal Remote for your Samsung TV with Codes

Step-1 First, you need to choose a device that you want to control with a universal remote, it can be TV, DVD, or VCR. Now, follow the instructions carefully.

Step- 2 So, select your device code according to your device brand and model. choose from the above list.

Step-3 Click the TV\DVD\VCR button depending on the device that you want to control with universal remote control.

Step-4 Now, press and hold the SETUP button until a light blink twice on the device button.

Step-5 Enter the 4 Digit Samsung universal remote codes from the above list.

Step-6 Click on the power button and the device turns off, which means you have selected the correct code. when you have chosen the wrong code, you can try with different codes by following the same process.

Step-7 If all the codes do not work, then try the auto search method.

How you can Program Universal Remote For your Samsung TV Without Codes

Step-1 SWITCH ON the device and click on your device key on the remote. To control the smart TV, click on the TV button.

Step-2 Now, press and hold the SETUP button until a light blink twice on the device key.

Step-3 Tap on 9,9,1 number and again light will blink twice.

Step-4 Tap on the function key. The function keys are the left arrow, mute, play, etc, button. 

Step-5 Point the remote to the device, tap on CH+ and CH- keys until the device turns off

Step-6 To save the code, you need to click on the SETUP button, and the code of your device is stored. That’s all now, you can control your device with a remote.

How you can Program Universal Remote For your Samsung TV Auto Code Search

Step-1 Turn on your device, and click on the device button 

Step-2 Press and hold on the SETUP button until the red light blinks twice then, release the button

Step-3 Tap on the 9-9-1 button and the red light blink two times.

Step-4 Now, click on the “1” button for the first digit of your remote code, the red light turns on, and count the number of times it lights up.

When the light remains off, the digit is “0”. Use the same process for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Digit of code and count the number of times the light blink.