DirecTV is a satellite provider that provides consumers with digital television. This digital satellite technology provides you with far better picture and sound quality than cable connections. That’s why people mostly prefer this.

A universal remote serves far better than a normal remote control as it can control multiple devices at a single time. So, if you are using a DirecTV universal remote to operate your brand Samsung TV, you need to put several codes for programming the device.

Here, you will get those DirecTV universal remote codes for controlling the Samsung television via different methods. With the help of the below-listed remote codes, you can easily program any model Samsung TV with the DirecTV universal remote.

Go through this guide carefully and take the advantage of these Samsung TV codes for DirecTV universal remote programming.

The List of DirecTV Remote Codes to program Samsung TV

If you want to program your brand Samsung TV with the DirecTV universal remote, you will easily get the codes right here.

In the below table, DirecTV universal remote codes for different Samsung TV models are listed of which you must select the right one for your device brand.

Try one code after another till you find the correct one that matches with the device model. When you enter the correct code, you will successfully program your smart device.



In this post, you get to know about DirecTV universal remote codes for all models of Samsung TV. You have to check the model of your TV and find the right code for your device programming with the universal remote.

Just scroll down the table and get the correct code for your device. If you find any trouble in programming your Samsung TV with the DirecTV universal remote, let us know in the comment box below.