A universal remote is one of the best remotes to control multiple devices. It comes with different brands and to program a universal remote with the device you need remote codes. well, in this article you can search for Samsung soundbar universal remote code. So, let us talk about programming codes.

Along with the programming codes, you can also find methods to activate your device with the universal remote.

In this post, You may have several methods according to your convenience. you may check and choose the methods. Samsung soundbar universal remote has 4 and 5 Digit codes, which we have mentioned below. 

Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote Control Codes

Here, you can find the 5 digit code for your Samsung soundbar remote. There is a complete listing so, look at the table and select a code that suits your device to program and control. when the code you entered is wrong then, you can try with a different code. now, look at the table


How to Program a Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote Control

So, to program your Samsung soundbar universal remote control we have 3 methods to discuss with you. You can choose one of those methods that is comfortable for you and the methods are 1. Programming universal remote with code 2. Programming universal remote without codes 3. Programming universal remote Auto code search. Let us discuss further,

How to Program a Universal Remote for Samsung TV With Code Search

Step-1 First, you need to select the device that you want to program with the universal remote control, it includes TV setup, DVD setup, VCR setup.

Step-2 Now, you have to choose your brand name and if the brand name is not available in the list, click the left arrow button to cancel and switch to automatic search

Step-3 Click the TV\DVD option that you are going to control with the remote and hold on the SETUP button until a light blink twice then, release the button

Step-4 At that point, you can enter the 4 Digit remote code from the given list and now press the POWER button. 

Step-5 When your device turns off, you have selected the right code. If the device does not turn off, you can try with another code with the same process.

How to Program Universal Remote For Samsung TV Without Codes

Step-1 SWITCH ON your device, that you wish to program and tap on the device button. 

Step-2 Press and hold on the SETUP button and the light will blink twice on the device key

Step-3 Enter 9,9,1 digit code and again the light will blink.

Step-4 Tap one of the function keys, such as the left arrow, play, or mute keys. When you don’t press any function key the power key is tested.

Step-5 Now, tap on CH+\CH- button simultaneously until the remote function performs well. and the device will switch off

Step-6 To save your device code, tap on the SETUP key. Now, you’re ready to control your device with the universal remote.

How to Program Universal Remote for Samsung TV Auto Code Search

Step-1 Switch on the device. Which you want to control and tap on the device button.

Step-2 Press and hold on to the setup button until the red light blinks for two times on the device key.

Step-3 Enter the 9,9,1 digit code and the light will blink twice.

Step-4 Click the 1 key to search for your first digit code and count down the number of times the red light illuminates, again for the second digit code click 2, and count the number of times light illuminates and do the process again to find the third and fourth digit code. 

Now, you have found the remote code that can be used later. Instead, you can use TV setup, DVD setup, DVD setup options.