Are you looking for a Samsung smart Tv remote? If yes, you can use a spectrum universal remote to control your Samsung TV.

This spectrum remote is best for Samsung TVs. you can buy this spectrum universal remote in store and also available on online shopping apps. When you buy a universal remote an instruction paper will be given.  

The remote codes are listed on that instruction paper, and if it is not available or you lost that paper.

Then, you can read this article to search for your code. In this post, you can find remote codes for Samsung TV, DVD, and Blu-Ray. And we have mentioned how to program spectrum remote to Samsung TV. so, let’s begin

Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung TV

The spectrum remote codes for Samsung smart TV are listed below.

We have mentioned the codes with brand name and all the universal codes of TVs that work with spectrum remote control. select one code and program it.

To program, you need to follow some instructions.


The above spectrum control code will support you to program your spectrum remote with Samsung Tv.

Try to select the correct code, choose the code that suits your device, and enter it using a manual setup. While entering the code, make sure you have entered it correctly, do not miss any number so, you need to be careful.

Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung Blu-Ray

The spectrum remote has 3 digit or 5 digit universal remote codes to program it with your device. So, if one remote code is not working on your device then, you can select another code. You can use different codes from the list until you get the right code.


You can find a list of spectrum universal codes for Samsung Blu-ray from the above list. The codes that we have mentioned in this article were tested. We make sure the remote code that we are listing here is on working mode and it helps you to control your device with this spectrum universal remote.

Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung DVD

Do you need spectrum universal remote codes for the Samsung DVD player? If so, then you’re in the correct place.

Here, you can find out and search for your spectrum remote code for your Samsung DVD player as we are listing all the codes so, do check and select your code.

159 073

4 digit codes

2286 2144

5 digit codes

20199 22369

Hopefully, the above spectrum control codes help you to program your DVD player with this spectrum remote control.

If you don’t know the programming method, don’t worry we are here to help you only. Read out the section below it will help you to program and control your device with a universal remote.

How to Program Spectrum Remote to Samsung Smart TV

To program spectrum universal remote control to your Samsung Tv, you need to follow some steps. There are three methods available for programming 1. manual method 2. auto search method 3. and fast setup. Choose any one method to program. follow the below steps effectively.

Step:1 Firstly, you need to SWITCH ON your device like (TV, DVD, Blu-Ray) which you want to program with a universal remote control.

Step:2 Next, press and hold on to the CODE SEARCH button on the remote control till a light indicates then, release the button which you are pressing.

Step:3 Tap on the device button (TV, DVD, Blu-Ray). The led light blinked one time.

Step:4 Tap on the (0-9) numeric keys and release, matching to the device manufacturer. Tap on the “0” key it will search the full library like code search method on the device library.

Step:5 If you want to program your VCR device you need to click and hold on the power button or channel button or play button until your device allows the remote control to change the channel and power on\off.

Step:6 Lastly, tap on the MUTE button, to save your device code. when the code is searched correctly, a red light blink for at least 3 seconds.

That’s it, now you can enjoy controlling your device with the universal remote. If you have any issues comment below, we will help you solve your problems.