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How Do I Program My Rca Universal Remote



Nowadays, we are surrounded by multiple electronic items like televisions, home theatres, and various other devices. Do you sometimes feel surrounded by so many remotes to control these devices that you get confused with them?

If so, now you don’t have to worry. We have a solution for you through which you can get rid of these multiple remotes and control all your devices with one single remote control.

Have you heard about RCA Universal Remote Codes? Read further to know everything about them.


Also, we have provided the RCA universal remote code list along with the steps to program your remote according to your system and operate it smoothly.

What Are RCA Universal Remote TV Codes? – A Quick Introduction

RCA Universal Remotes are very useful. They allow controlling multiple devices such as television, sound system, etc. with a single remote. And, to program your universal remote with your respective devices, there are RCA TV Remote codes.

With the help of these codes for the RCA universal remote, you can easily operate a device along with other systems using the same remote.


The RCA Universal remote TV codes are alphabetically listed by brand names. Check the given list of codes for RCA Universal Remote.

How to Program Codes For RCA Universal Remote Using 2 Different Methods

Below are the two ways to program your universal remote to your devices. Using the automated code search method, you can program RCA Remote in no time. However, to set up a single RCA universal remote code, it may take up some extra time. The other method is the direct code entry method. For both ways, you need to make sure that there are working batteries in the remote. Also, make sure to plug in all the devices. This will save a lot of time.

Program RCA Universal Remote Codes – Automated Code Search Method

Step 1. Switch on all the devices that you want to set up with the RCA universal remote.


Step 2. Press and release the corresponding button as per your device. Like, to set up a TV with a remote, press and release the TV button. The On/Off button will lighten up and remain lit.

Step 3. Now, press and hold the component button and the ON/Off button together. The lit On/Off button will turn off. After that, again it will turn On.

Step 4. After the button relights, release both the buttons you are holding. The light will remain lit.


Step 5. Press and release the Play button now. In case the component that you are programming does not turn off within 5 seconds, press the Play button every 5 seconds until it turns off.

Step 6. Press and release the reverse button. Wait to see if it turns back on. Until it does, keep pressing after every few seconds.

Step 7. Now, to save all the device’s programming in the remote, press and release the Stop button.


Step 8. For all the devices you want to program, repeat the above-mentioned steps.

Program RCA TV Remote Codes – Direct Code Entry Method

Step 1. Turn on all the devices to program and make sure your RCA universal remote has working batteries.

Step 2. Press and release the respective component button for the device you are programming. From the RCA universal remote code list, enter the 4-digit code. For e.g, if you want to set up a TV, press and release the TV button and enter the 4/5 digit code from the list of RCA universal remote TV codes. The On/Off button will get lit and remain the same.


Step 3. Now, at the same time, press and hold the On/Off button along with the component button. The lit On/Off button will turn off. It will illuminate itself after a while.

Step 4. After the button relights, release both buttons. The button should remain lit.

Step 5. On the remote, press and release the Play button.  If the component button does not turn off after 5 seconds, keep pressing the button in every 5 seconds until it turns off.


Step 6. Press and release the Reverse button now. Check if the component button turns off otherwise keep pressing until it does.

Step 7. Now, to save the programming in remote memory, press the Stop button.

Step 8. You are done! Repeat all the steps for other devices you want to set up.



Above, we have explained the different methods to program RCA Universal Remote Codes. Now, go through the RCA universal remote code list and program your universal remote according to your devices.

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